Color blindness

Figuring out some facts about this disease

What does Color Blindness even mean?

This means being unable to distinguish the differences between colors like red looks like tan to them and other color like green. The only two colors that these people can see is tan and blue, but there are also other kinds. There for some people cant drive on the road because they cont know what color the light is.

Here is some History about colorblindness

The first person to find colorblindness

John Dalton was the first person to find colorblindness in 1794. When he couldn't identify certain colors like blue,red and green, which made him curious. witch made him want his body to be examined after he dies.

How is Colorblindness inherited?

It is a recessive trait, its located on the x chromosome, and can be passed on from the parents. It is more likely to happen in men than women men have a 1-12 women have a 1-200 chance.
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Does Color Blindness effect life expectancy?

Scientist have no records of Colorblindness effecting how long people live, But there are some scenarios like if someone was driving and could not tell if the light is green or red they could cause a accented and hurt some one or themselves.

What are some test that you take for colorblindness?

Here are some test you take for colorblindness. The first is a color plate it is a circle made up of smaller circle's. Next there is a number made up of different circles but a different color, Doctors test you and if you don't pass you could have colorblindness. Another Test is the Farnsworth D-15 it is a Test were you have to arrange colorful circles in order of the rainbow.
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Here are some organizations fighting against colorblindness.

Now You know

Now your informed about colorblindness, maybe not how to stop it or prevent it, but at least some test or programs That you can do to help find out if you have this horrible disease. Then you have all of these organizations helping to fight color blindness. and try to stop it
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