Competition for Control!

Conflicting claims

Conflicting claims

Fort Necessity

Pennsylvania Woods

From being a French colony Spain,France,Britain,and England became known for controlling their lands in North America.Spain claimed Southwestern land.France claimed land to the North and in the middle of what is now the U.S.Mostly of what Britain claimed land along the Atlantic Coast of what is now Canada.

Britain and France claimed the Ohio Valley and a region that stretches 1,000 miles along the Ohio River from Appalachians to the Mississippi River.To the French,the Ohio Valley was an important link between France's lands in Canada and Louisiana.The British saw it as an area for trade and growth.In the year of 1750 the French sent soldiers to the Ohio Valley to drive out the British trader.

They started building forts near the eastern end of the valley.The British viewed that like a war.

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The American Revolutionary war 1