John Herschel Glenn Jr.

By: Kolton Gohlke

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Birth & Facts

Born: July 18, 1921

Place: Cambridge, Ohio

School: Muskingum College, received a Bachelor of science degree in Engineering.

Married: Anna Margaret Castor of New Concord, Ohio.

Has two Grown Children, and two Grand Children

Be fore Astronaut Experience

He trained as a Navel Aviator and was commissioned in the Marine Corps in 1943.

He flew 59 combat missions during World War II.

Did 63 missions in the Korean War.


Awarded the Distinguished Flying cross, six times and the Air Medal with 18 sets.

On October 29, 1998 he became the oldest to ever go into space.

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In 1959 NASA selected Glenn as one of the seven astronauts.

Orbited the Earth three times in "Friendship 7" on February 20, 1962.