The Cuisine of Catalonia

Julia Cohen A1, A3


Catalonia is a region in spain. Catalonia separates the coastal plain from the Ebro River Basin. Also, it has four provinces but compromises most with the Lleida province. The Climate in Catalonia consists of hot, dry summers and relatively rainy winters. In Catalonia, they produce wine, almonds, olive oil, rice, potatoes, corn (maize) as staples. Agriculture is a small fraction of of the domestic product and they raise pigs and cows as the dominant agriculture activity.

Seafood Paella

The seafood comes from the Mediterranean Sea and is very popular because of the location by the Mediterranean.

Goats Milk and Cheese

The goats and sheep milk come from the mountains of the french border because it is located on the french border.

Rice Paella

Rice dishes surround the Catalonian world. Some different dishes arrosejat, arrós negros, arrós abanda, and most popularly, paella.