Cleo's Secrets

An Egyptian Woman's Diary

August 12th, 30 BC

-Cleo has logged off-

August 1st, 30 BC

My beloved Marcus is gone..What am I to do now? I guess this is the end for me, but by my choice. I make my own destiny. Goodbye..

-Love, Cleo

September 2nd, 31 BC

The Battle of Actium rages on, Marcus and I must go back to Alexandria to seek refuge.

-Love, Cleo

June 5th, 32 BC

Finally, Marcus is mine only..even if it does mean war against me. I will not compromise my happiness.

-Love, Cleo

July 28th, 35 BC

Off to Alexandria with my love! Hopefully we will be greeted warmly.

-Love, Cleo

May 29th, 38 BC

Just received a gift from Marcus. Some new oils and perfumes! I think the blue lotus blossom is my favorite. Thank you darling!

-Love, Cleo

January 3rd, 40 BC

It's sad that Marcus had to leave so quickly, but hopefully he will be back in my arms soon enough.

-Love, Cleo

October 18th, 41 BC

I met the most interesting man today..there was just something about him.

-Love, Cleo

March 30th, 44 BC

On my way to Alexandria. Hopefully I can find safety there.

-Love, Cleo

March 15th, 44 BC

You will forever be in my heart Julius..May the Gods be with you <3

-Love, Cleo

February 28th, 46 BC

Caesarion and I are off to Rome to stay with Julius. The family together at last!

-Love, Cleo

June 23rd, 47 BC

I'm pleased to present to the world my son, Caesarion! You will be a great man like your father.

-Love, Cleo

August 19th, 48 BC

Having a lovely cup of wine while Charmian finishes putting the ringlets in my hair. I love being pampered!

June 5th, 48 BC

Did you miss me Egypt? With the help of my hubby I am right back where I'm meant to be, on the throne.

-Love, Cleo

May 3rd, 48 BC

Removed from power? We will see. I'm too powerful of a leader to be taken down that easily.

-Love, Cleo

April 18th, 50 BC

Where are all my male servants? Oh, that's right! Busy harvesting this year's crop. Well, I may not have any eye candy, but at least I'll have food.

-Love, Cleo

February 9th, 51 BC

Welcome to your new Queen of Egypt, Me! It's time for Ptolemy and I to get to work.

-Love, Cleo