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Monday, August 15, 2016

Google Classroom - Southwest : World

If you haven't joined Amy's GC yet, you are going to want to! There are lots of good tidbits on there. Videos, extensions, etc.

If you lost or deleted your invitation email, fear not!

Go to

Enter the code r9sfpn

Contact US

If something goes wrong in your room such as internet connectivity, your projector goes out, your sound isn't right, or your iPad(s) aren't working properly, send a ticket to Katie and Nathan (IT) and they will get to you ASAP. Please be patient at the beginning of the year because there are a lot of tickets coming in!

Remember there is a TIS area in the ticket system as well. If you need training for curriculum, website, Google Drive or Google Classroom, etc., you can email, call, or send a ticket to AMY. If you feel like putting in a ticket, scroll down below IT and you will see an option for TIS, TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION SPECIALIST - that's Amy.


Monday - Huntingburg Elementary

Tuesday - appointments/meetings/as requested

Wednesday - Holland Elementary

Thursday - Southridge Middle School

Friday - Southridge High School

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#satchat (Saturday mornings)

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