The Ultimate Showdown

Inspired by Tradition

Discus is one of the oldest Olympic sports, being in the first Olympics, which was held in Athens, 1896. It has continued to be an Olympic event ever since then, and has evolved into the modern world.

A Classic Rivalry

Male and female competitors are not given the opportunity to go head to head against each other. However, their scores can be compared using data. The analysis provided below can create a conclusion of which gender will come out as the best in the end.

The Goal

The goal of this study is to find investigate Olympic discus throwers at their peak performance, and to find out if and when women's performance will pass men's performance, or vice versa. This is done with data from olympic.org, and calculated using linear regression.

The Data at a Glance

A scatter plot using the data in the table. Blue X's mark men's performance, and pink squares mark women's performance.

The Linear Regression: A Trend Arises

The linear regression (line of best fit) is calculated for both values. The blue line represents the men's data and the red line represents the women's data

The Turning Point

The women were originally dominating the men in discus, excelling their scores by a fair margin. Though as time passed, women's performance declined, and conversely, men's performance increased. The intersection point of the two lines is the point where men's performance surpasses women's performance, in 1997. Since that is not an Olympic year, men have been outperforming discus since the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

The X Coordinate

This coordinate on the graphs above denote the year that each competition occurs. This is shown in relation to the y coordinate.

The Y Coordinate

This coordinate on the graphs above describe the distance that the competitors threw the discus in meters. This can produce data when combined with the figures from the x coordinate.


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