CHES Lesson Planning

Using a Growth Mindset!

Start with your unit IFD

The IFD will serve as your guide for the front page of the Lesson Plan Blueprint. Knowing the expectations for the unit as a whole will guide your work as you decide how many weeks your unit will take, academic vocabulary to address, previous grade level expectations, and assessments to be considered. Keep in mind the front page of the unit planning will remain the same for the entire unit. Only the weekly plan will change until the unit is over.

Flipped PLC model

After Mrs. Brown's Flipped PLC training, teams can assign roles to each member. Looking at the IFD components will draw Teacher attention to Focus Student Expectations, important vocabulary, and differentiation strategies that will benefit students.

Where do we save?

On the shared drive, under Teacher, click on Lesson Plan Template 2015. There is a folder for January 4, then for each grade level to save their work.
A Thank You Letter to Teachers (From a College Professor)