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Week of September 14

You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room

This coming weekend, I am going to be crossing off one of the items off my bucket list. I'm going to be seeing Oprah live in person for the first time!

When I was a little girl, my mother was a teacher. We would get home from school everyday around 4pm and she would tell all of us to be quiet while she watched the Oprah Winfrey show. Now, as a teacher myself, I totally understand and appreciate the need for a quiet hour at the end of the day. As a kid, I really had no other choice, so often times I chose just to sit and watch Oprah alongside my mom.

So, this weekend, when Oprah comes to DC, I will be trekking down to the Verizon Center both Friday and Saturday night to soak up a little bit more of Oprah's wisdom. My friends have been making fun of me for years, but I am not ashamed to say it. I love Oprah.

One of the great lessons I've learned from Oprah that I try to embrace as a teacher is that "You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room." I try and pause a moment before my students enter and ask myself "What kind of energy am I bringing to the table?" Am I mad? Am I tired? Am I anxious? Am I calm? I try (although not always successfully) to find a minute to create that calm energy so I can carry it over to my students.

Let us reflect this week together on this idea. What kind of energy are you bringing in the places where we work? What kind of energy do you bring into your classroom? Into the office? Into the meeting rooms? Let's try and cultivate a space that is full of calm, positive, Oprah-like Energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the internet be up and running?

Jorge, our IT specialist, has ordered a new switch board for our computer lab that is supposed to be delivered on Monday. Hopefully, once this is installed, our lab will be fully functional and we can begin testing.

Jorge is also scheduling a time for a wireless specialist to come to the school to bridge the AT&T Network into our Firewall. I have emailed multiple people saying that this needs to happen ASAP!

When will we begin testing?

As soon as our lab is fully functional, we will begin. Hopefully by Tuesday.

How will we know that we have begun testing?

Luis will send out the Master Schedule for testing, including which classes should be in the labs when. Melissa will send out a daily reminder to the teachers whose schedule will be affected that day.

What do we do when we're testing?

The teacher escorts their students to the lab where Melissa or Luis will be waiting. Melissa and Luis will provide instructions for the test. Teachers simply walk around the room and monitor the test.

What should I do if one of my students needs to use the restroom while we are outside?

Have them use our new toilet that was left on the front steps of the school!

(Juuuuust kidding!)

Upcoming Dates

Performance Series Testing

Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 8am

Computer Lab

Testing will hopefully begin this week. Check your email for updates from Luis and Melissa.

Homeroom Parent Meetings

Monday, Sep. 15th, 6pm

Sacred Heart School, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Homeroom Parent Meetings will be held this week.

Monday - Early Childhood

Tuesday- Grades 3-8

Thurusday - Grades 1-2

Committee Meetings

Wednesday, Sep. 17th, 5:30pm

Various rooms

Catholic Identity Committee Meeting - 5:30-6:30 in the Middle School Team Room

Athletic Committee Meeting - 6:30-7:30 in the Title One Room

Jeans Day - 8th Grade

Friday, Sep. 19th, 8am

Sacred Heart School, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

8th Grade will be sponsoring a Jeans Day