Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter May 2-6, 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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First Week of MAY!!!

May 2

Pizza with the Principals 11:30am in LE Library

PALS Meeting 6pm in LE Cafeteria

MILE Run Day 1

May 3


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Dist. Curriculum & Instruction Committee Mtg. 4pm (Rice, Harris)

May 4


Snack-o-Rama in gym lobby

5th Grade trip to Career Center

Bright Ideas Parent Celebration 12-2pm Room 206 Grades 4/5

Collaboration: PDPs, PD Survey, Teacher of the Year vote

May 5

MILE Run Day 2

Bright Ideas Parent Celebration 12-2pm Room 206 Grades 2/3

Team Meetings: End of Year Reading Improvement Plans Update

May 6

End of MAP Test Celebration Glow Dance (3rd Gr - 2:00, 4th Gr - 2:30, 5th Gr - 3:00) in the Gym

OPAA Nutrition Advisory Council Meeting 9:00am in LE Cafeteria

Teacher iPad Update

All teachers need to update to iOS 9.3 before they leave for the year. You might need to delete some apps or photos/videos in order to have enough space for the update. If you need any assistance with this, please ask.

End of Year Assessments

The next two weeks will be filled with end of year testing: math fact fluency, phonics and phonemic awareness (Pathways), reading fluency (AIMSweb), reading level (DRA and SRI), perhaps a last math topic, another math CFA, a writing sample...lots of final assessments for reporting to parents their child's final grades for learning goals in your grade level or content area. Specials teachers most likely have some final assessment to do for your students as well.

Let's make sure we have worthwhile activities for students to do for these last few weeks. Engaging lessons and learning opportunities that still require thinking and problem solving.(I am thinking NOT word searches, crossword puzzles and other "busy" work worksheets.)


Google Mail

Teachers: Please add your Google email to your iPad and start checking it regularly! We are ALL switching over to the _______@ga.essd40.com email addresses May 4th...so let's be ready.

Classified staff: You have a ga.essd40.com email also...so let's find time for you to learn how to access that. I can set up a learning station in Lab 13 and classified staff can stop by on their breaks or lunch time and learn about it. Plan to come to the Lab on May 5th during the day.

Thank A Teacher

Thank you to all the amazing Lewis Elementary and Early Childhood Center Teachers!

PDPs Due May 16

We will spend one more Wednesday together (May 4) finishing up our teacher professional development plans. You may have some boxes that you will need to go back to and finish on your own. This is the link to the presentation we have used to walk teachers through the process. You can use it to work at your own pace, knowing that ALL need to be turned in by May 16.


Please continue to communicate with Angela or Christi (whoever you have been working with so far) to get help and feedback as needed.

As you begin to think about your learning activities or tasks, keep in mind we do have some professional development money we can use for books or study resources. Just make your pitch to me.

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