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New Product Launch!

The ball has dropped! Arbonne has just launched some amazing new products at GTC in Las Vegas! It was an amazing trip - one of the best takeaways I got from the conference was that there are so many different people that do Arbonne and see amazing success. Men and women, young and old, doesn't matter what your background is, this truly is an opportunity for anyone and everyone. I know that next year I will be walking across the stage as a new Regional Vice President - if anyone wants to be up there with me, let's get that going!!

Take a look at what Arbonne has just launched. You will, of course, receive 20% off of all of your purchases as a Preferred Client of mine! To see the adjusted prices with your discount, log into the Arbonne website with your information. And, as always, all of our products are:







I also have a very special offer below just for my PC's (Preferred clients), which is you!

NEW: Liquid Sunshine Collection

We have formulated a collection of products for use in the sun which are unique in the market. Instead of using chemical actives, the Liquid Sunshine products are formulated with titanium oxide and zinc which form a physical barrier from the sun and deflect the sun's rays, which are the #1 cause of aging. Our formulas are water resistant, non-greasy, and contain 4 key botanicals to help soothe, moisturize, and calm the skin: aloe vera, green tea, edelweiss, and grape seed extract. They also deliver antioxidants, which are so important for the skin and body!

Find the Liquid Sunshine collection here:

Introducing Arbonne Liquid Sunshine

REFORMULATED: Lip Collection

I believe that this is the best investment you will ever make for your lips! Our reformulated lipsticks come in 16 amazing shades, have a super creamy formula that distributes evenly, adds moisture, and makes your lips appear more plumped. Hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, peptides add volume, and it is long-lasting with watermelon and apple to help hydrate.

The new lip liners come in 6 shades and work with the lipstick to make both last longer and create a moisture barrier around the lips.

Our new lip gloss can be worn as a top coat on lipstick, or on its own for sheer coverage. It is a smooth, non-tacky formula with a professional brush for precise application. Why not give it a try?

Find the new lip collection here:,441.aspx

Introducing Arbonne's New Lip Collection

NEW: RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream

Achieve the appearance of more awakened, lifted skin along the delicate eye area. This rich cream helps skin look firmer and tighter around the eyes, and feel more plump and cushioned. Reveal skin that looks velvety smooth, replenished, and more youthful. This eye cream is to be used in combination with the Re9 Corrective Eye Cream.

Find it here:,7852,363.aspx
Arbonne RE9 Lifting and Contouring

COMING SOON: Phytosport Collection

At GTC, I was able to purchase the new Phytosport collection exclusively before it launches in Canada in September. I am looking for 1 or 2 people to sample this product line and lend me their testimonies and feedback! The line contains a 3 step system: pre workout, hydration, and post workout recovery formulas to help boost your results. These products are for everyone, from youth to olympic calibre athletes. Take a look at the video below, and if you are interested in sampling the collection before everyone else gets their hands on it, get in touch with me!
Introducing Arbonne PhytoSports
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HERE TO STAY: Sky for Men Soap

Our annual holiday collection releases new products every year, and this year the Sky for Men soap was a big hit! It sold out by early November, and it has been brought back as part of our permanent collection! For all the men in your life who refuse to stray from bars of soap that leave soap scum and buildup in your showers (ahem, Dan!!), this one won't, and it also smells amazing!

Find it here:,7749,763.aspx

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