Library Re-design Independent Work

Grade 6


Make sure you are using the "Discover Design" website to follow and record the design process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only ONE person should actually type in the text, data, or upload images into your account otherwise it separates them into multiple projects. While you can all login to view the account and use the tutorials, please review what is already recorded and copy and paste whatever info you want to keep into one project.


You will be assessed on both your group's final design as well as your personal understanding and reflection on the process you participated in throughout this project.


1. Create a google document titled: Library Design Process Reflections. If you are a member of team 1 and team 2, please share your document with Mrs. Martellino. If you are a member of team 3 and team 4, please share your document with Ms. Hartnett. If you are a member of team 5 and team 6, please share your document with Mrs. Larson.

2. At the end of each session take 5-10 minutes to reflect.

3. Reflect on the following questions:

A. Which aspect of 21st Century skills (collaboration, critical thinking/problem solving, creation, or communication) did you utilize/participate in during your work today? Give specific example.

B. What challenge or success did you experience individually or as a team during this session?


1. Take advantage of all the tutorials and tips included in the "Discovery Design website" for EACH step in the design process.

2. Make sure you are using the resources from our first investigation when we used the resources embedded in "The First Task Smore" and also re-visit the "padlet" we created during that task.


1. Citing your sources. You should keep track of all resources you utilize in gathering evidence for your project. Use Easybib to create your bibliography.

2. Every decision for your re-design MUST be based upon our goal- creating a 21st century library space. Make sure you can provide justification/evidence for your decisions. How does each decision impact the ability to foster creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. For example, when you make a furniture choice, how does it affect those 4 C's? The addition of special features like a graffiti wall, how does that foster the 4 C's?

3. Your written pieces should always be incorporating 21st century terminology. Refer back to the resources in the "First Task Smore".

4. Stay on task! This is a BIG project and it will be easy to get distracted. Using the design steps as outlined by will keep your team on task.

TO DO LIST BY OCCUPATION- Use this list when you meet with your occupational team.

1. Documentary:
  • Are you capturing images and video clips of your group's work during each step in the design process?
  • Are you maintaining a google doc of tidbits of comments and text to use in your final video?
  • Have you started to create some short promotional clips 60 seconds-90 seconds that could be used to obtain financial support for this project?
  • Are you collaborating with your public relations teammate?
  • Have you tried using apps like Photobabble, iMovie, or Bookpress?

2. Architects:
  • Have you spent time learning how to use Google SketchUp or some other appropriate 3D sketching tool?
  • Have you considered visiting the town hall and looking at original blueprints for the school?
  • Consider arranging an interview with Principal and the district head of maintenance in order to gain an overall understanding of any limitations (Possibly coordinate this interview with the architects)
  • Have you arranged a Skype or face-to-face interview with an architect?
  • Have you met with the General Contractors to obtain and discuss the measurements they tool of the the library space and then incorporate that data into your Google Sketchup?
  • Have you presented your completed Google Sketchup to the interior designers?

3. General Contractors:
  • Consider arranging an interview either in person or through Skype with a general contractor to learn more about the job.
  • Consider arranging an interview with Principal and the district head of maintenance in order to gain an overall understanding of any limitations (Possibly coordinate this interview with the architects)
  • Arrange to bring the necessary measurement tools and book a time to accurately measure the entire library space and determine shelving and bookcase needs.
  • Determine what method you will use to record the physical measurements.
  • When assessing the library physical space, determine non-negotiable items- for example what limitations are there due to structure, etc.
  • Possibly obtain a copy of the school's blueprints from the town hall.
  • Share your draft blueprint with the architect team.

4. Interior Designers:

  • Interview your clients: school library staff (Mrs. Martellino, Mrs. Albano), principal, and Mr. Drapp.
  • Arrange with Mrs. Martellino to skype leading school librarians throughout the USA.
  • Create and distribute an electronic google form to survey the staff, and students.
  • Analyze the results of the survey and interviews and use that information in your re-design.
  • Research paint colors and how they impact environment and mood.
  • Research flexible furnishings

5. Public Relations:
  • Are you writing a weekly tweet for your teacher to post and are you conferring with your documentary person to obtain images to use in your tweets? Note: Tweets must be given to your teacher in order to be approved and will be tweeted through the teacher.
  • Have you selected a date to write an update for the school's eblast?
  • Have you experimented with web tools like to design promo flyers?
  • Have you explored web tools like ,, or in order to create a compelling infographic?
  • Have you contacted a local newspaper to come and write a story or can you write an article for the local paper?
  • Did you team come up with a catchy slogan for this re-design that you can use throughout all your promotional materials?
  • Have you drafted a letter that could be used to solicit donations or grants?
  • Research what materials of things a professional public relations professional would include in a PR kit.

6. Accountant/Finance:

  • Have you met with the principal and superintendent to discuss budget and possibility of reaching out to sponsors or creating fundraisers?
  • Have you set up a spreadsheet to track financial needs?
  • Have you met with interior design team to obtain proposed furnishings?
  • Have you researched best prices for furnishing, paint, etc. and maintained a spreadsheet with vendor contact info and pricing details?
  • Have you met with general contractors to determine square footage of wall space in order to estimate painting costs?
  • Have you met with public relations team to coordinate any solicitation letters for fundraisers or sponsorship?