Carpathian Mountains

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Location - Runs through Central and Eastern Europe, and also runs through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Romania.

Size - 1500 Km long and the highest peak is 8530 feet tall.

Physical Characteristics - Animals include brown bears, wolves, and lynxes. The most common soil is the podzol forest soil with very rich vegetation. The Carpathian Mountains block the cold wind coming from the north, but the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean brings heavy rainfall to the south and western mountains.

Human Characteristics - some man made features include that they have tunnels. A language that they speak is rusyn, along with Polish, Slovakian, and hungarian. A main religion in the carpathians is greek catholics. political system was communist, but became democratic. The way people make a living is by growing crops and cutting down trees. The most population dense places of these mountains are in valleys where most of the people live, but close by in the mountains, almost no one lives there.

Natural Resources - Some natural resources in the Carpathians include oil, brown coal, rock salt beds, iron ore, gold, and silver.


These mountains affect the people because it helps block winds, changing the climate, and also providing good agricultural land and forest. Many people live near the mountains because theres many cities next to it. Vienna located in Austria, is a major city, and also Krakow, in Poland, is a major city located next to the carpathians.