Davis Art Department Newsletter

Spring 2016

2016 Austin ISD Student Art Show

Congratulations to the following students whose outstanding artwork was selected to represent Davis at the District Art Show:

5th Grade - Sydney Clendaniel, Rebekah Besserman, Melissa Binford, Lucy Blake, Clementine Margiotta, Tiago Gilbert-Cabaceira, Brooklyn Pennies, Anshu Bhamidipati, Julia Chen, Melissa Hernandez Garza, Erez Liron, Ashton Johnson, Hyemin Park, Gabby Phillips, Jassara Caudle.

4th Grade - Paul Foreman, Bella Benke, Jackson Childs, Vanessa De Lorenzo, Lauren Shi, Sophia Friedman, Madeline Stuesser, Sofia Tobias Soto, Solomon Moon.

3rd Grade - Emily Cisneros, Nora Crosier, Yon Woo Kim, Lillian Kost, Avery Taylor, Ayla Bisbey-Niemann, Tia Fountain, Dash Lemens, Isabella Matamoros, Sasha Popova, Sophia Love, Gavin Phillips.

2nd Grade - Zoe Staples, Elizabeth Helge, Steely Schmid, Elijah Moon, Trenton Calvert, Dominik Walker, Colleen Foley, James Rindfuss, Jeongyoon Park, Jordan McGowan-Ross, Reyna Giles, Elijah Nguyen, Evelyn Moore

1st Grade - William Veeser

Kindergarten - Bella Marcinkovich

The work continues to be on display at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center until February 16.

First Careers in Art Fair a Huge Success!

On January 22, 5th grade students attended a Careers in Art Fair in the cafeteria. We had 22 parents and community members with visual art related career experience on site with portfolio samples to share with students. The 5th graders interviewed these experts as the kick off event to their Careers in Art Project Based Learning. Currently 5th graders are hard at work researching, planning and creating their own work samples for the Careers in Art Showcase they will put on for K-4 Davis students on April 21.

3rd Grade Field Trip to Armadillo Clay

On Thursday, February 4th, Davis 3rd graders went on a field trip to Armadillo Clay on East 4th Street. This was the first time we've done this field trip and it was a great experience for the kids. Thanks to Armadillo Clay for hosting us! They led the students on 30 minute tours which included seeing items in their storeroom and warehouse, as well a demonstration of how the clay we use at school is made and how they quality test the clay on a potters wheel.

Ms. Schreiber- Mrs. Garry's Student Teacher

Mrs. Garry is hosting a student teacher from January 19 to March 4. Here's a little bit about Ms. Schreiber:

"I was born and raised in Austin, Texas in a family of artists. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue art. As a kid, I spent most of my time drawing and hanging out in my older sister’s clothing store. Now, I mostly work with textiles and experiment with various printmaking techniques in my personal work, which is mostly inspired by travel and my experiences with different cultures. Other than the eastern United States, I’ve been to areas in Mexico, New Delhi, India, and Antigua, Guatemala. I hope to experience teaching art internationally as well as in the US. I attended Doss Elementary, Murchison Middle, and Anderson High schools, and now am in my final semester at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m currently planning to teach elementary art after I graduate this Spring."

We are good on donations for now!

Thank you for the incredible amount of recycled materials that have been donated to the art department this year. Everything will be put to good use. For now we are out of storage space. Please hold on to anything you think we could use until a later date, or recycle it. We will let everyone know when we are ready for more. Thanks again.