Stop Motion Videos

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The Shark Family

Created By:

Mason Templeton

Kate Rhodes

Brook Rowe

Eli Smith


Created By:

Chloe Merritt

Elizabeth Jones

The Seed

Created By:

Amyiah Malone

Ashley Carpio-Trujillo

Braidon Livingston

The Chain of Life

Created By:

Jaylen Smith

Makenna Randall

Payton Allen

Brooke Hudson

The Adventure of Max the Toucan

Created By:

Hayley Mangrum

Brandon McCaleb

Landon Knight

Joshua Adamson

The Tree

Created By:

Chance Lane

Griselda Ramirez

Brodie Warren

Makayla Bell

Animal Extravaganza

Created By:

Sydney Glover

Elnathan Wondimu

Pamela Wilson

Isabel Brewster

The Banana Monkey of the Jungle

Created By:

Bella Booker

Aidan Hollingsworth

Brandon Dennis

Alijah France

Jeff the Forrest Ranger

Created By:

Idasia Riley

Jeremiah Leasure

Jonathan Flores

Savannah Morrison

The Tree’s Life

Created By:

CJ Cersei

Addison Harley

Lily Dean

Cobyn Johnson

A Cat Love Story

Created By:

Taryn Lowman

Olivia Cunningham

Shawn Rhodes

Trey Spence

Under the Sea

Created By:

Bailey Rader

Tony Brandy

Angel Tapa

James Phapueelom

Mariah Okorie

How a Bird Got Hired At Starbucks

Created By:

Jasmine Boyce

Hannah Barlow

Madison Greene

Eli Matthews

Banana Boomerang

Created By:

Laila Daley

Marin Franklin

Cooper Pittman

Luke Weber

The Jungle

Created By:

Madeline Brewster

Dylan Allen

Amari Phomphanh

Kinslet Hathcock