Deaf-blind communication

by Kaitlyn, Payton, Katy, Abby


  • One way for those the deaf-blind to communicate is speechreading. Putting their thumb on the other person's chin, and fingers on the other person's cheek to feel the vibrations of the person's voice and their lips movement is how they could communicate.
  • For people with limited vision or hearing, they can use CapTel to make phone calls. They can dial a captioning service that types the other caller's conversation onto their screen. Then the deaf-blind callers can read conversations as well as listening to the other caller on the phones.
  • A form of communication for deaf-blind people that is mainly used by the public is Print on Palm (POP). With POP one person writes large letters on the deaf-blind persons palm.
  • With Tactile Signing, the deaf-blind person puts their hands on the signing person hands to feel the hand shape, movement and location of their signs. This form of sign language tends to be preferred by those who had grown up using sign language.
deaf-blind Communication