Transition Plus February 25

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Great Job!

Tom Perry's Advisory won 1st place in the TPlus food drive! The prize will be announced soon.

Professional Development

Vince Jackson will be here on Monday, March 4th to be available for restorative problem solving. This will be an opportunity to troubleshoot situations with colleagues and/or students.

If you are in need of Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Training for licensure, please see below for offerings in the next few months. Sign up on e-Compass. Using the course and section codes.

Course 91661 Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Section 114615 Monday, March 4th 3:00-4:00 pm Davis Center N5-083

Section 114616 Thursday, March 21st 7:30-8:30 am Davis Center N5-083

Section 114617 Wednesday, April 24th 4:10-5:10 pm Davis Center N5-083

Course 90271 Early Warning Signs/Mental Health Course

Section 114624 Tuesday, April 9th 4:00-5:30pm Davis Assembly room

Section 114618 Wed, April 24th 3:00-4:00 pm Davis Center N5-083

ACCESS Testing

Team 2 and 3 teachers MUST ask their students if they want to take the ACCESS tests and if they don't, they need to get the OPT Out papers signed.

No-one has given Janet any Opt Outs at this time - Please do so ASAP!

Janet will be doing the computer testing again Monday and Wednesday this week so she can get the students who only attend on M/W. - It has been hard with all of the days off since the beginning of the semester.

If we don't take care of this correctly, we will be out of compliance and MDE is really paying attention.


All visitors must sign in and wear visitor’s badge visibly and have an appointment especially for tours. We have had some issues with people just walking in. Please direct them to the front office if you do not see a visitor's badge or are not with a staff member.

Parking News

If you have a parking card for the Y parking lot and choosing not to use it, please return card by Friday, March 8 to Daphne B.

If you have a YWCA parking pass, you are expected to park there daily. By having a pass and not using it, you are taking up a street spot for another staff member, visitor or student. We will re-distribute YWCA parking permits to staff at AE if you are not using yours- again to free up more parking.

The garage and gate for underground parking is still being worked on. Staff should not be parking underground as this will throw off the counting mechanism.

A reminder - AE students have access to the parking garage because of the volume of students, the need for them to have access and the funding mechanisms for Adult Education (if students do not show up AE does not get funding)

In addition to the Snow Emergency beginning Sunday, new Winter Parking Restrictions begin 8 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 to ensure city streets are passable for emergency vehicles, buses and other travelers in the face of heavy snow accumulation this winter.

Winter Parking Restrictions means parking will be banned on the EVEN numbered side of non-Snow-Emergency-routes until April 1, unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes, parkways, and the ODD numbered side of non-Snow Emergency-routes, unless otherwise posted.

Please visit the City's Snow Season Parking website for additional details about this Snow Emergency and the Winter Parking Restrictions.

Engagement News

Staff have asked for the levels of Behavior.

Behavior Continuum Feel free to refer to list of 1-4 Behaviors when completing incident reports or have questions about levels of behaviors. please run for 2 weeks.

The next Accuplacer administration will take place on Wednesday, March 13th during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period in Patricia's room, T301.

TPlus Library

Exciting news...TPlus will have a student library! This will not be a traditional library, although there will be traditional components to it. We have the option to add e-books, audio books, and maker space activities.

Suggestions for materials can be added here. Please survey your students and families and start adding titles people want to see in the library.

If you have requests for the library see Ben, Patricia or Jewell

Women’s History Month

Dear Colleagues,

Just a friendly reminder that this Friday is the beginning of Women’s History Month. A good time to recognize the hidden and blatant oppression women face on a day to day basis. And a good time to support the “Me Too” sisters amongst us. Not to mention the amazing accomplishments made by so many women throughout our herstory.

This is being offered to all teachers and staff at MPS. Substitute pay is available. If you are interested in attending, please fill out a absence request.

Registration is Now Open!

Registration is now open for the March 13, 2019 Waste In Place Educator Training. Participants must register by February 26, 2019.

MPS Culinary and Wellness Services will be hosting an educator training provided by the City of Minneapolis, Solid Waste and Recycling Division, and Keep America Beautiful for the Waste in Place curriculum. All Minneapolis Public School teachers and staff members are welcome to register.

  • Lunch provided
  • Substitute pay available

Attendees will receive a complete Keep America Beautiful, Waste in Place Curriculum kit, with hands-on training in how to use it.

Waste in Place teaches the fundamentals of litter prevention, waste prevention, recycling, composting, waste-to-energy, and landfills for:

  • Early Childhood (Pre K–2)
  • Primary (3-4)
  • Intermediate (5-6)

MPS Culinary and Wellness Services will share a 2019 update and overview of resources and programs such as:

  • Farm to School
  • Safe Routes to School
  • True Food, No Waste

David from 457 Plan will be available to staff on

Monday, February 25th.

The sign up sheet will be in the office copy area.

Sign up to benefit from the personal attention of individual counseling, and get answers to help you plan for a more secure financial future.

Let's meet

I'll be on-site to meet with you on these dates:

Thursday February 28, 2019
8:30AM – 4:30 PM
Transitions Plus Conference Room, Minneapolis MN 55407

Get individual counseling with this registration code: 5930MIN11AC

Register now

Questions? - Here's who to call:

Eric Gross
Financial Advisor
Office: (952) 838-7800
Direct: (612) 961-6953
7650 Edinborough Way, Suite 320, Edina, MN 55435

Check out these activities!

Craft Night, Adaptive Open Gym and Dance Night!!!

All activities are located at Northeast Park.

Engagement Team News

Please send all incident reports(even if you are a witness) via Google, Paper or email to Michael or Daphne. Please feel free to send assignments, worksheets or ideas that may help us to engage student.

Social Work Team Update

Heads Up! We’ll be hosting high school School Social Workers and Counselor to share information on programming at TPlus and the referral process for high school students. Expect to see some extra visitors in the building Thursday, February 28th in the morning from 8 - 9 and afternoon from 2-3.

Similarly, we will also be hosting a few additional Visit Transition Plus for prospective students and families to tour our new building and ask questions of our student panel. Here are the upcoming dates for Visit Transition Plus:

Wednesday, March 6 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (south schools)

Thursday, March 7 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (north schools)

Tuesday, April 30 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Professional Development

If you have not already done so, please complete this short survey regarding our PD Thursday, January, 24th.


All teachers, including teachers who are not case managers, now have access to our school edition of Nearpod.

Everyone should have received an email about their new account. Those who have already been using it have been invited to join the school edition and you can keep your username and password. New users had accounts, usernames and passwords created for them. You should be able to change your password if you would like.

If you want help with Nearpod, you can ask Patricia, Adam, Frederick, Jeremiah, or Brad. We also have the option to have a one hour web training, so we can talk about that.

Project SEARCH update

We are pleased to announce that our current Project SEARCH interns from both Children's Hospital and Hennepin Healthcare will be coming to Transition Plus on Tuesday, March 5.

The interns will be presenting their perspective on participating in Project SEARCH to all interested students during first hour (10:00-10:55) in Tom Perry's room.

Please send the names of your interested students to Trish Praus so that we can insure ample seating for the students.

Reminder: Project SEARCH information sessions will be from 4-6pm at Children's Hospital on March 13 and Hennepin Health on March 14. Make plans now to attend one or both sessions.

Please contact Trish Praus with any Project SEARCH questions

Just a reminder--

Ordering - If you need to order something, please let Traci know well in advance of when you need it. A new process has been implemented, and it takes a little bit longer to process.

ESS Time Entry - Friday, February 8th (weather related day off) - enter as regular time, unless you had a previously scheduled absence, you will need to enter it as planned per payroll.

Friday, February 15th, is a non duty day. Enter vacation time if you have it, or don't enter anything.

Monday, February 18th is a HOLIDAY, you need to enter holiday time if you want to get paid.

Upcoming at TPlus

Monday -------- ACCESS Testing

Tuesday ------- Team 2 Data Meeting---Patricia's room

---------------------- ACCESS Testing

Wednesday---- 8:45-9:30 Team 3 Data Mtg---Brad's room T301

----------------------- ACCESS Testing

Thursday-------- Team 1 Data Meeting------Jake's room

------------------------ ACCESS Testing

Friday ------------ 8:30-9:30 ILT

----------------------- ACCESS Testing

**** Licensed Staff Meeting will be on Wednesday March 6th instead of Tuesday next week.