The Middle Colony

By: Lauryn Peterson

About are Settlement

We settled in 1585 and even more people came in 1607. We all came to find riches and find a route to Spain and India to there riches and spices.

What are some of the land forms and climates?

There is rich, rich soil there and many caves from miners to work in. There is a warmer climate than the New England climate witch means a longer growing season.

Natural resources, Jobs, trad-able goods

Some natural resources are iron which is good for making pots, pans, and kettles and good soil for a great harvest. Some of the jobs here are Farmers, Bakers, Miner and lots more. We trade wheat and iron for money or other goods.

Pictures we have taken

Compare and Contast

Some things that are the same about the colonies. We both have somewhat warm climates, rich soil, and farms. Some things different about the Middle Colony is that we have many caves to mine and plenty of iron.

The Middle Colony

"What's Facebook?"

" What in the wheat is twitter?"


" PHONE!?"