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Wow! Victorian meals?!

Victorian meals consisted of breakfast, dinner, and supper! There was no lunch in the 18th centry. They also ate dinner around 4pm! Wow! By the 19th centry the traditional time for dinner was moved and also supper. Then late in the 19th centry that gap between breakfast and dinner was filled. And you guessed it! The meal that was put in between breakfast and dinner was lunch. In the late 19th centry again, breakfast became a heavier meal with; jams, eggs, meat chops, and fish. By the end of the centry it became a light meal once again. Also plain family's dinners started with soup or fish. Then meat such as boiled rabbit followed. If there were many guests there would at least be 6 meals!

Tea Time!

Tea was very popular back then in the Victorian era! It was very expensive though. Now let's get to where tea time came from! Tea Time (also known as high tea or tea) was created by a woman named anna, the duchess of Bedford. Because of the noon meal become shorter she decided for her servants to sneak her in a pot of tea and some bread around 4pm. She then decided to invite some friends to tea time and the menu had centered around small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, assorted sweets, and tea!