Peregrine Falcon

An Endangered Species


  • The peregrine falcon habitat includes:
  • rocky ledges
  • cities
  • coastlines
  • mountain ranges
  • valleys
  • Other places you might find a peregrine falcon include:
  • South America
  • Australia
  • United States(

Food Chain

  • The falcon finds food on the building tops, in the sky
  • The falcon is a carnivore
  • The falcon has several prey it includes:
  • ducks
  • kestrels
  • blue jays
  • crows
  • robins
  • shorebirds
  • flickers
  • pigeons
  • The falcon is a prey it hunters include:
  • great horned
  • owl
  • raccons
  • people(wiki)

Life Span

  • Peregrine falcons can live up to at least 13 years(wiki)


  • The laws states that no one is allowed to hurt the peregrine falcon when it is in it's habitat(


  • The peregrine falcon reproduces 15-20 eggs each year
  • it takes 29-33 days for the eggs to hatch(wiki)


  • The falcon is classified as a bird(wiki)
  • special body coverings are the feathers to keep it warm, and its feathers colors patches include:
  • yellow
  • black
  • gray(
  • The size of the falcon is as follows:
  • between half and one foot a middle weight and middle size bird(wiki)
  • The falcons communication include:
  • cracky squeaks(
  • Unusual characteristics of the peregrine falcon may include:
  • The male is way lighter than the female
  • The female peregrine falcon weighs 740-1120 grams
  • The male peregrine falcon weighs 550-600 grams(wiki)


  • The falcon structures include:
  • eye site
  • The eye site of the peregine falcon is truely amazing as they have two forveas. They have 5 times as many visual cells that helps them see 10 kilometers away(wiki)
  • The falcons behaviors include:
  • speed
  • The speed of the peregrine falcon is up to 200 miles per hour when it dives it is known as the fastest diving animal.(

Reasons for Endangerment

  • The reason the peregrine falcon are endangered include:
  • habitat loss
  • pesticide called DDT
  • human intrusion
  • black markets(wiki)
  • Reasons for endangered reproduction is as follows:
  • no breeding places
  • no breeding pairs(wiki)
  • Reasons for endangered hunting may include:
  • no open space
  • pesticide called DDT(wiki)