Fighting Childhood Hunger

Group 1

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Putting the Health in Pack of Hope

Group Members:

Syler, Coegan, Willow, Teegan, Savanna, Eli, Cambell , Avery, & Abigail

The Issue

Our issue is school aged children that are suffering from a limited access to healthy food around Waco, Texas. In the state of Texas, every 1 in 4 children struggles with hunger. In Waco, almost 50% of the children at Bells Hill and Alta Vista Elementary Schools have limited access to healthy and affordable food, according to Dr. Scott. Our goal is to include healthier, more kid-friendly foods in the backpacks sent home for the weekends by the Pack of Hope Organization. Many school aged children in Waco have limited access to healthy food because, due to the food desert, their only options are highly priced and unhealthy convenience store options. There is a program called Pack of Hope that offers hungry children food options for the weekends. We would like to team up with them. We want to put the health into Backpacks of Hope by advocating for healthy food drives. Some healthy foods we would like to see go in the backpacks are fruits, veggies, granola bars, and healthy proteins. You can help Pack of Hope by donating healthy food to the Pack of Hope program at your local elementary school.

Take Action

Individual/Persoal Level:

  • Donate healthy, kid friendly snack foods to the Pack of Hope Organization
  • Share our project on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Local, State, and National Level:

  • Contact leaders, such as politicians and other businesses in your area about our program.

Other ways to take action:

  • Donate your money and you time to hunger organizations.

What We Learned

"I learned that it is important to help the community." -Avery

"I believe that every kids needs to come to this camp." -Abigail

"I've learned more about being a citizen. I've learned you can be a citizen any way. You can be a citizen when you are young and old." -Teegan

"I learned how to do iCivics." -Coegan

"I learned that everybody has good ideas to contribute." -Eli

"I learned what the word advocate means." -Willow

"I learned how to problem solve." -Syler

"I learned that hunger is a big problem." -Savanna

"I learned that people with disabilities can have helpers all their lives." -Cambell

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