The Northeast Region

By,Dylan, Ben E.,Aiden,Tatum


Hershey park

Hershey park has been in bigness for a hundered years.It is a family friendly Amusement

Park,it also is a chocolate factory and you can make you own chocolate bar,it is a family frendly place

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The statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is in New York.Is that you stand for liberty between France and in the United States of America The Statue Liberty stands for freedom. Statue of Liberty is located on Ellis island.
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More landmarks are the White House,Supreme court,Liberty Bell, and The Empire State Building!



The northeast has a lot of mountains and rocky land.Mount. Washington is the highest peak in N.E. and one of the windiest place.
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In the northeast the water The Great Lakes in Erie can come now are very important waterways Another water way is Niagara Falls. Thay hold one fifth of water
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Prodects and natural resources

Some of the northeast region products and natural resources are paper furniture and fuel like oil and coal. One delicious thing we have is maple syrup and chocolate.
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