Michel Vey: Rise of the Elgen

By Richard Paul Evans


Michel Vey:Rise of the Elgen follows Michel Vey and Electroclan to the Peru jungle, were they attempt to free Vey's mother from the Elgen, and take out the power plant the Elgen are using to control Peru's power suppply. But, before that, they end up having to doge the Elgen's plans to catch them when they head back to their hometown, and have to follow the instructions from a mysterious voice to free Vey's mom, can they trust it?


High voltage rock and roll fits this book as well, Electroclan has electric powers, so it kind of works really well. However, a song by the same band called thunderstruck also works well, as Electroclan has a very simular effect to those they face, so I'll include both, your welcome. Plus, you get a song by Bon Scott, AC/DC's first singer and the new guy, Brian Johnson.
AC/DC - High Voltage
AC/DC - Thunderstruck


Majority of the book takes place in the Peruvian jungle. with eEectroclan having to battle their way through the jungle and survive in it, in adition to fighting the Elgen all the way to their hidden Starxource power plant, allowing the Elgen to control Peru's power supply.

Michel Vey

Michel Vey is the main protagonist of the novel, and his connection to the plot is that the entire reason that they head to the Elgen power plant is that Dr.Hatch has kidnapped his mother. He is one of the most powerful of the electric children, and the leader of Electroclan.

Book Reviews

"Those new to Richard Paul Evans’ series may want to read the first book to get up to speed on the electric powers and language, but it’s not entirely necessary in order to enjoy this fast-paced, taut thriller." Teenreads.com

"Engaging and packed with action." Dove Review

"Held my attention and kept me guessing." Laurisa White Reys Book review


I really recommend this book, although I would read the first one first. This book wastes no time having an action packed book right from the get go. This book really reminds me of the Percy Jackson series, and any fan of Percy Jackson would certanitly enjoy reading this thriller of a read. One unique thing is it switches from Vey's first person perspective to a third person percpective of what is going on with Dr.Hatch and his electric children, allowing you to get an insight into what is happening with them. I would 100% recomend this book, and you will certaintly have trouble putting this down.

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