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Here at Graves Law Firm our number one goal is to assist the Plaintiff (you) in making their case successful. It is our duty to get you through a speedy trial with a quick summons to the defendant (the individual being accused). We will handle your complaint with great care to insure your satisfaction. We are known for our professionalism in the Pretrial Conference, not only do we work with you, but we work with the judge as well. After both you and the defendant state your pleadings it will all be in the courts hands. If all goes as planned the court decides in your favor, and mediation or arbitration goes unneeded. After the court's preponderance of evidence they will see that our law firm just cant be beat! We work hard to insure that all of our evidence is both in order and accurate. In the end if you aren't pleased with the courts verdict, we will be sure to assist you in the process of appealing to a higher court...Or your use of our services is free!

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