The Constitution

By:Devan Martin

Articles of Confederation

The articles of confederation were basically the first draft of the constitution. No one really thought these articles were equal, so there were a lot of disagreements between everyone. So since everything wasn't equal there was an event called Sheys rebellion which rebelled against the taxing the poor. After Sheys rebellion the government decided to get rid of the articles of confederation. I think that this was good that they dropped the articles because taxing against the poor like that wasn't alright to me.

3 Branches of Government

this video explains the 3 branches of government like they are 3 rings of circus.

Bill of Rights

In my opinion i think that the most important amendment is the 1st one, the freedom of speech. To me this amendment is the most important because if we didn't have this right then we wouldn't be able to report things the way we do today. We also wouldn't have the freedom of religion and the practices we do for our religion. We also wouldn't be able to speak our own opinions to other people.

U.S Citizens Rights

The rights of a U.S citizen are listed in the Bill of Rights. Like the right that citizens over the age of 18 can vote for the president. We also have the right to be on jury duty. The right we have on jury duty is that we can find a person guilty or innocent from the things we've heard or the evidence that we've seen. We also have to have these rights so that the government doesn't get to much power over us.