The Expedition to Perseverance

By: Kathryn Kennedy

What Perseverance Means~

Perseverance means going through with something or keep going with something despite difficulties or delay in triumph. Also it is a quality people have to help them get through adversities that overwhelm us.

Dominos logo~

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Problem Solution of Tom Monaghan~

Tom Monaghan faced many problems while creating the well known pizzeria known as Dominos. He started his business during the school year, but the dilemma was that when school ended his business dropped 75%! Tom kept working, and most of all kept making pizzas. Tom then began to work 100 hours a week doing all the jobs himself and started to no longer have time for anything else, so Tom’s solution was to drop out of school. No matter how long and how hard he tried, he still got in debt, therefore, Tom had to work even harder to pay off his creditors. The triumph didn’t last long before a fire started in his anchor store lead to him cutting back on whatever he could to pay the debt of the fire. Tom ran out of money which lead to him giving up the company and taking then downgraded position of president, but the businessman that took on the company wanted out. Yet again Tom gained control of his company. Shortly after he got sued, but he built back his company and paid everyone back.

Compare & Contrast~

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Lady Jags in action~

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A Description of the Lady Jags Basketball~

Carroll Academy is a correctional facility in Tennessee. 19.6% of the students at the school are below the poverty line, and that doesn’t include other adversities that they have to face daily. The Lady Jags is a girl’s basketball team at Carroll Academy they have had 208 straight losses, but for the girls and their coaches winning isn’t everything! Most of The Lady Jags were given up on by public and their own families, and for some of the girls the team is the closest thing they have to a family. A lot of the girls were struggling with addiction prior to joining the team. Some also have varieties of behavioral issues such as anger management problems, and other adversities in general. The coaches have done so much for the girls.

Sir Winston Churchill~

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Sequence for Sir Winston Churchill~

Sir Winston Churchill was born on November 30th 1874. In the year 1899 Winston became a ‘POW’ or Prisoner of War, Also in 1899 Churchill escaped prison, and he became well known for his books, as well as a war hero, and ran for a member of parliament. Then in 1914 Churchill was kicked out of parliament politics, and became a minister of munitions. In 1921 he became secretary of state for the colonies He lost his MP seat but, he kept persevering, and in 1921 he won his MP seat back. On May 10th 1940 Churchill stepped down from prime minister, and lastly on January 24th 1965 he passed away at 90 years old.

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What we learn from perseverance of others to overcome adversity's in the world today~

Other people perseverance stories are educational, and can teach a lot about how people can overcome their our adversities. With great conviction anyone can overcome what ever they want. Whether it's a disability overwhelming somebody or the world's falter around them together they can overcome everything.