Wolf Pack Hierarchy

My Genius Hour Presentation

What are rankings in a wolf pack?

First and foremost you need to know what the rankings are in a wolf pack. Here is a little information on that.

The Alpha Male: The Alpha Male is the leader of the pack. He eats first unless there are pups in the pack. The Alpha Male is the only male in the pack allowed to reproduce. There is usually only one female in the pack, and she will mate with the Alpha Male to bring pups into the pack.

Beta Wolf: The Beta wolf is like the vice president of the pack. He will take over when the Alpha Male dies. He must fight with other wolves frequently to keep his status as Beta.

Subordinate Wolves: This term refers to all wolves that are not Alpha, Beta, or Omega. These wolves are submissive to the Alpha and Beta.

Omega Wolf: The Omega wolf is the wolf at the bottom of the hierarchy. They are frequently bullied. They eat last and, if the Alpha wishes, they do not eat at all.

Pups: Pups in a pack are only given a ranking once they are 2 years old. Pups under 2 will be studied, since their personalities will reveal the best ranking for them to be given.

What are everyday behaviors of wolves?

One everyday behavior is communication. Think about it for a second. Would anything exciting happen if we couldn't communicate? The same concept works with all animals. The wolves have actions that show dominance. Ranking affects which of these signals you can use, if any at all. Wolves also have submissive postures. Ranking also affects which of these signals you are required to use. The lower the rank, the more submission is expected. Another form of behavior is vocal behavior. This is one we should all know about. In fact, wolves are famous for it. I am referring to a wolf's howl. Wolves howl for unknown reasons. Some of the reasons we think they howl are to assemble the pack, to claim territory, and to warn other wolves away from their home.
wolf howling!

Above is a video of a wolf howling.

I chose to add this video because howling could possibly have something to do with hierarchy. I also think it is a good video to go with a presentation on wolves.


1) Wolf pups receive their rank when they are born. TRUE or FALSE?

2) The Alpha Male is the leader of the pack. TRUE or FALSE?

3) The Beta Wolf always eats first. TRUE or FALSE?