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Quick Facts

  • Part of the Southern Colonies
  • Anglican: officially declared as religion at 1619
  • Colonial government: Royal; after Virginia Company lost charter, it became royal province
  • Trade: Tobacco plantations flourishes, other farm products like cottons also produced

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Locations, geography and its impact

  • Located in Southern Colonies, on top of North Carolina province and under Maryland
  • Contain both Atlantic coastal plain and Piedmont regions
  • very hot, humid summer and mild winter
  • fertile soil and abundant amount of rainfall made region great for farming; tobacco plantation flourishes
  • as located on the shoreline, numerous bays and ports enables trades
  • western part of colony is relatively harder to create large plantations due to presence of mountains and heavy woods; small farms are more popular

Brief History of the Colony

This colony, Virginia, was initially discovered by Spaniards, but it was English who found first permanent settlement in Virginia. Purpose/motivation of Spanish and English exploration coincide; they were in search of gold, additionally water route to the Orient, based on belief of mercantilism. Created by group of English entrepreneurs, Virginia Company established first settlement, Jamestown, on the bank of the Jame River. Suffering from famine and diseases, only small group from initial settlers were managed to survive. Only after they were able to trade with Powhatan Confederacy after three wars, they could have some prosperity. (Here is where romantic story of Pocahontas come along! Not necessarily true though...) On 1619, the colony experienced important change that would largely impact future, which are first government by people (House of Burgesses) and institution of slavery. Then there was a calamity to the colony. After Powhatan's death, his half brother attacked the colony and massacred majority of colonists. Dispute between Eloquent and colonists continued until 22 years after, finally chief of tribe was captured and put to the death. Also there was Bacon's rebellion, which was rebellion against rule of the Governor Berkeley who refused to retaliate against Native Americans. Even after this struggle, misfortune of colony had not done; this time charter of Virginia Colony deprived, Now make Virginia as a royal colony, which later inspire revolution. However, king was yet to have large influence to colony at that time, so colony remained mostly unchanged. The colony is now firmly settled, flourishing with great amount of people and freedom.

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