Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Memorials to Remember

We work to assist you in one of the most important days in your passed loved ones life!

Our services for a memorial/funeral includes:

  • Flower arrangements
  • Eulogy planning
  • Carrying out the wishes for the remains (burial, cremation, donation, etc.)
  • If burial is desired, we have caskets to choose from and we will arrange the showing of the body as well, if you so chose this option.
  • Grave site marker options
  • Memorabilia, videos, slideshow planning
  • Any religious rituals
  • Arranging speakers
  • Currency Donations to business/people of families choosing
As we all know here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home the passing of a loved one is a sensitive time in anyone's life. We put all of our effort into making the funeral or memorial arrangements as effortless as possible for the survivors. We always respect and service all and any religious needs for families. Above all, we care about the eternal rest of a loved one and aim to support surviving friends and family members in any way possible.
There are multiple cost effective ways to remember your loved one including immediate cremation, immediate burial with no service performed by funeral director, renting caskets or buying in advance. Also, buying services or objects in advance or from large websites such as Amazon would assist in saving money.

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We offer a 25% discount on caskets and flower arrangements for planning early!

Self-help websites

Good read to assist in the bereavement and grieving process.

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