Hogwarts Classroom Information

TurnerBartels K8 - Room 437 - Ms. Tyson


Friday, April 8 STEM Awards (Critical Thinking)

Monday, April 11 5th Grade FSA Reading

Tuesday, April 12 5th Grade FSA Reading

Tuesday, April 12 SAC Meeting 4:15 p.m.

Tuesday, April 12 Relay for Life Show 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, April 13 5th Grade SSA Science

Thursday, April 14 5th Grade SSA Science

Friday, April 15 Wear Purple ($1 donation) for Best Buddies

Monday, April 18 Report Cards (Elementary)

Tuesday, April 19 Chick-Fil-A Family Night

Wednesday, April 20 5th Grade FSA Math

Thursday, April 21 5th Grade FSA Math

Thursday, April 21 Report Cards (Middle School)

Thursday, April 28 Conference Night

Friday, April 29 Fairy Tale Bowl (Grade 2)


Week of 4/4 - 4/8 - Our focus for this week will be on using strategies to create a coding system and annotate important vs. interesting information. We will synthesize information from multiple texts in order to create a timeline of important events. We will also be reviewing FSA test-taking strategies - How do we read answer choices carefully and avoid selecting close distractor choices?

Week of 4/10-4/15 - This is our FSA testing week for Reading and Science. Students will be testing in the mornings of 4/11 - 4/14. Please make sure your child gets lots of rest and is on time each morning. Should you have any appointments during this time, we are asking that you please schedule them in the afternoons. Reading focus in the afternoon for this week will be on how to identify major events and infer how a character resolves a problem or handles challenges. We will continue to synthesize multiple sources.

Week of 4/18-4/22 - FSA continues for 5th grade with Math on 4/20 - 21. Reading focus will be on determining main idea of a text and the supporting key details as well as sequencing key events in a text.

Week of 4/25-4/29 -


We will focus our efforts on responding to reading. We will determine how to write and explain the important differences and similarities in an individual's point of view. We will read and pull evidence from two similar text to support our responses to writing prompts. We will respond to a performance task from a close reading module on the poem Paul Revere's Ride.


Our history focus continues with Colonial America in Unit 4. Settling New England, Settling Middle Colonies, Settling the Southern Colonies, Life in the Colonies and Slavery and the Triangular Trade. How do societies develop? Students will read and identify economical, political and socio-cultural motivations for colonial settlements.


CONGRATULATIONS!! to our STEM Students of the Month (February)

Hayden Scragg and Dante Boin

WELCOME to our new classmate!! Amanda Fry