Haley Shelby 2/ Ms. Green

Temperate grassland

Temperate grassland food web!!

The producer of the food web is the grass. The consumers are the hawk, snake, rabbit, mouse, lizard, and grasshopper. The primary carnivores are the hawk and snake. There is no primary consumers.

Ways that humans impact on the environment!!

A negative way is, something done by humans and gives the affect at the ecosystem like chopping down forests, and cars burning off greenhouse gases, pollution, waste dumping, over hunting of animals and several other ways. A positive way is, people can plant trees, clean rivers and pick up trash, and recycling. There are a lot of positive and negative way people impact on the environment.

Three organisms from my temperate food web!!

The grass is the producer. The hawk and the snake are the consumers because they are animals and they eat meat. They are the predators to the mouse, grasshopper, rabbit, and lizard.
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