Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Lunch Menu

Tuesday- Baked Breaded Chicken Sandwich Classic Cheese Pizza Classic Pepperoni Pizza Crispy Tater Tots Fruit & Salad Bar

Wednesday- Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla Mini Corn Dogs Traditional Turkey & Cheese Sandwich Mixed Veggies Fruit & Salad Bar

Thursday- Classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich Grilled Cheeseburger Country Fried Steak w/ Roll Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Fruit & Salad Bar

Friday- Ham, Turkey & Cheese Wrap Orange Chicken w/ Rice Seasoned Chicken Tostada w/ Rice Cooked Carrots Fruit & Salad Bar


This week in Reading...

Unit 2 Spelling - long i & long o vowel sounds

Unit Vocabulary - Context clues

We will be learning our Fiction Elements this week and working with each one in various texts. (Title, Author, Setting, Plot, Characters, Problem, Solution, & Theme). Fiction elements help us break down a text for better comprehension. By the end of the week we will complete a story map over elements of fiction.

Spelling & Vocabulary Test on Friday!

In 5th grade this year we are lucky to have Tech students come work with our class on Wednesdays for a Reading lab. We will begin this week. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to have a smaller group instruction with more individual learning! If you have any questions please let me know!


This week in math we will finish up Unit #1: Whole Number Operations. We will finish up division with greater numbers (4 digit divined and 2 digit divisors). Thursday we will review all of unit one and then Friday we will take Unit #1 test and unit 1 vocabulary. Students we will need to review and study what they have in their math journal for unit #1. If you have any questions pleasebketcme know.


We will continue with Unit #2: Physical Properties of Matter. Students will learn about density, magnetism, and thermal/electrical energy. We will be doing a lab on Tuesday, if you have one please send a water bottle with your student.

Social Studies

Students will read Week #2: Early American Settlers. We will take a quiz on Friday over the readings. Please remember that students can read the newspaper online and play games.