Buchanan Intermediate News

October 17th, 2016

The Artisan Teacher

  • Mental Models - The ability of the teacher to create a structure for learning using images, models, sensory experiences, symbol systems, and creative processing methodologies. Key terms: artifact replication, image-text model, sensory-symbol model, L-R hemisphere processing model.
  • First Time Learning - The ability of the teacher to capitalize on the brain's tendency to attend to, process deeply, and recall information that is presented as new, original, or as an initial experience. Key terms: degree of original learning, imprinting, accurate, complete, connected to reality, level three.
  • Neural Downshifting - The ability of the teacher to reduce stress and threat in the classroom environment to avoid "survival mode" thinking and to increase higher order thinking. Key terms: limbic system, amygdala, fight or flight response, survival thinking, physical threat, loss of control threat.

Everyday Heroes!

  • Shannon performs thoughtful and generous acts on a regular basis. I appreciate her tremendously!
  • Brandon shared his space w/us as usual. I greatly appreciate his flexibility!
  • A huge shout-out to Kari for all of her work to get room assignments made and the google doc sent out in time.
  • Kari deserves HUGE Pirate Praise for all she does to help with LEGO League-PiraBots and LIM and PBIS and book clubs and...and... always with a smile. She will even run up and take pictures of your classroom board when you are on another campus and have forgotten the steps to something so you don't have to figure it all out again!
  • Shannon Pagan for facilitating her class' participation in this morning's Branson Bank Veteran of the Quarter recognition. One of her student's father was the honoree--Dr. Todd Baker who works as an ER doctor at Cox Branson. I have embedded a video of the poem that the class created and recited this morning at Branson Bank. It is amazing!
Mrs. Pagan's Class Poem