by Malorie Wiley

What did he/she do?

Baker was an entertainer from St.Louis, and she became famous for her singing and dancing. Baker was acting in NYC and Paris,France! She went to Paris in 1925 and also became famous while singing and dancing in ¨La Revue Negre.¨ Josephine Baker became known for her unique dancing style! She began her career in the 1920s. Bakers rhythmic dancing and unusual stage presence made her a sensation. Baker made people laugh, smile, and happy!

What was their impact on the world?

Josephine escaped a life of poverty to become a theater sensation! (poor). Josephine Baker kept trying to be an entertainer, dancer it was hard because she was an African American. Baker didn't take no for an answer! Josephine Baker was adventurous, like a roller coaster full of surprises!


Should we be more like them why/why not?

I would be more like Josephine Baker because she wasn't just thinking about herself. Baker wanted people like her to have as equal things as the other people. Josephine cared. That's why I think people should be more like Josephine Baker!
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