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In the novel Glass by Ellen Hopkins, the author demonstrates the theme of addiction through the main character, Kristina.
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The novel Glass by Ellen Hopkins is a story that takes you on the journey of Kristina Snow's life. From meth to having a child after being raped, Kristina's life is one big roller coaster. Along the way, she falls in love with new boys, who tend to prove her wrong, and falls more in love with the presence of the Monster. Throughout the novel, you get a sense for how Kristina copes with her feelings.

Kristina's addiction to drugs.

"The monster loves to talk. He jumps into your head and opens your mouth, making it spout your deepest darkest deceptions. Making you say all the things you'd rather not say, at least not in mixed company."

“Six months since we met up
again we are inseparable,
an intricate weave.
No longer do I believe
this is a temporary fling.
More like total commitment.
More like I have walked
down the aisle, holding
hands with the monster.”

“Without a doubt I understand the monster and I are more than just friends. We're blood brothers.”

“Life was radical right after I met the monster.
Later, life became harder, complicated.
Ultimately, a living hell, like swimming against a riptide,
Walking the wrong direction in the fast lane of the freeway,
Waking from sweetest dreams to find yourself in the middle of a nightmare.”

Kristina's addiction to love.

“I have to tell him how much i miss him when he's not here. So I snug my face against his pulse in his neck. "I love you" I wait, barely about to breathe. He tightens his arms around me. "I know, and how luck that makes me." I watch him go, wondering just what the f*** that meant to me.”

“When you love someone, you don't want to hurt them, even if they deserve to be hurt. When you love someone, you want to hurt them, even when they don't deserve to be hurt.”

“I want to open myself, let him inside. But how do I give what has already been taken?”

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