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  • A Message from our President
  • State Convention - Save the Date
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  • NCCWSL - Deadline February 1, 2019
  • Programs - 2019 AAUW MN Young Women for Equity Award
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A message from our president

Dear Members,

Many Members had the opportunity to hear directly from AAUW Chief Executive Officer, Kim Churches in early December. Kim is an energetic, straight-talking, strong leader, who is and will continue to take AAUW to new heights in our ongoing quest to empower women and girls into the future. She was instrumental in developing the Strategic Plan and provided an overview of the Plan during her Minnesota visit. You’ll be hearing more about our AAUW Minnesota Strategic Plan in the coming months. My hope is that if you haven’t already developed your own branch strategic plan, you’ll consider taking the State Plan and modifying it to develop a plan for your branch.

As we begin a new calendar year, we can begin celebrating the newest progressive push AAUW has made toward closing the gender pay gap. Thousands of women across the country are negotiating for the salary they deserve, thanks to AAUW’s Work Smart workshops. Work Smart training is available online and can be taken anywhere at any time. AAUW’s goal is to train 10 million women over the next four years. Some of you have already explored the training and have forwarded it to women you know who could benefit from it. Whether you’re retired or still working, I encourage you to take the training so you can speak to others about it, and please forward it to all the women you know to spread the word and the benefits of this training.

As the State Convention draws near, we have the need to elect some Board positions in April. In this odd-numbered year, the positions of President Elect, Treasurer, VP-Program, and VP-Public Policy are due for reelection. We’re grateful that our current Treasurer, Beth Nienow, and current VP-Public Policy, Jan Carey, agreed to serve second terms in their positions. We’re seeking a President Elect and a VP-Program to fill those positions. Please consider serving with a terrific, fun group of Board members. As we all seek to increase our memberships, and the challenges that can bring, we’re also finding it hard to fill Minnesota Board positions, as many branches are with their own boards. The State Board meets only four times a year – seriously, just four times! And, you don’t have to serve alone. In my own Hastings Branch, we have two and three co-chairs in certain board positions. They spread out the responsibilities of their positons, and even divide up who will attend board meetings. Please let me or any Board member know if you’d like to join the Minnesota Board, and if there’s a particular position you’re interested in exploring.

We can have a lot of impact in our communities and surrounding areas as strong, intelligent women and men, working toward common goals to better the lives of women and girls and their families. We can do so much good work together!

I look forward to seeing you at the State Convention in Grand Rapids!

~ Lisa

January Quote: “Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and equitable new year!”

~ Kim Churches, AAUW Chief Executive Officer

AAUW MN State Convention

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AAUW Funds

Barb Wonson Liukkonen, MN Funds VP,

Exciting news! Our Minnesota Past Presidents Fellowship should reach the $200,000 stipend-producing level this year. I have not seen the final tallies of MN Branches’ end-of-the-year contributions to our AAUW Funds, but in mid-December we had yet to raise only about $6,000 to achieve our goal. Once I receive the first quarter financial reports from our National Office, I’ll be able to confirm our good news.

Completing our Past Presidents Fund adds one more American Fellowship to the list of funds that we here in Minnesota have created and achieved to advance equity for women and girls. Minnesota AAUW members should be proud to know that we have ten stipend-producing American Fellowships and eight completed Research and Project Grants Funds. We’ve raised over $1.06 million for those American Fellowships and more than $317,000 for the R&PG. Congratulations and Thanks to all of you for your creative and dedicated fund-raising!

At a perfect time for us here in Minnesota, a new funds strategy has been announced by the National Office - the first major change since we combined our Educational Foundation (EF) and Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) several years ago. There will now be four major fund areas: AAUW Greatest Need, Education and Training, Economic Security, and Leadership. More about those in a future Pine. If you’d like to see more about the new funds strategy and some fund-raising ideas from the National Office, click the "button" below. (Note: the video is 18:00 minutes in length)

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the Silent Auction that the Grand Rapids Branch will be coordinating at our State Convention there on April 26-27. It will be a great chance for branches to raise some more dollars for their contributions to our AAUW Funds. We’ll also have an officer training for Branch Funds Chairs to talk about fund-raising ideas and the new national Funds strategy.


From our NCCWSL Chair, Gail Glashan

Dear AAUW of Minnesota members,

As you know, AAUW of Minnesota is offering a $500 grant to branches that send a student to the National Conference of College Women Student Leaders, aka NCCWSL. Information on how to apply for this grant is on the AAUW of MN website,, under BRANCH GRANTS/AWARDS. The deadline to submit the branch chosen applicant information to AAUW of Minnesota is February 1, 2019. Branches will receive a $500 scholarship at the AAUW State Convention in April.

To receive $500 scholarship monies from AAUW of Minnesota, submit the following—

  • Scholar’s name
  • A copy of completed NCCWSL registration form
  • Sponsoring branch information

Email this information by February 1 to: AAUW of Minnesota NCCWSL Chair Gail Glashan – I attended NCCWSL 2018 to see what it was all about…it did not disappoint! NCCWSL is amazing!

The conference offers students an abundance of workshops, a career fair, interactions with successful women leaders, inspiring, powerful women sharing their experiences, panels answering any and all questions, and more!


From our Programs, MaryAnn Lucas-Haux,

2019 AAUW MN Young Women for Equity Award - (Applications must be returned by March 9, 2019)

A $500 award for a young woman in high school and a young woman in college (up to age 25) The criteria for this award are:

  • A young woman may be nominated for a high school or college level (up to age 25) award
  • The project or activity specifically addresses women’s and girls’ equity issues.
  • The nominee must exhibit leadership that reflects the AAUW Mission
  • There must be evidence of the impact of the action or event.
  • The evidence of impact must be specific to the nominee’s participation.

Measureable outcomes should be identified, if possible. This could include any of the following: number of girls or women served, results of the event or research as they impact women or girls, any statistical measures of success, “before or after” stories of women or girls benefitting from the action.

Nominations must be by a branch member and include responses to the above criteria and information requested on the application format. A panel of AAUW members will select the high school and college award winners.

The recipients of this award will be announced at the State Convention and they will be invited to our convention banquet or luncheon. Each winner will have the opportunity to speak briefly upon receiving the award. Up to two guests may accompany the winner and may attend the banquet or luncheon free of charge as our guest. Additional guests are welcomed but will need to make reservations and pay for their own meals. If a recipient is unable to attend, her nominator or a branch member may accept the award in her behalf.

PLEASE NOTE-We do not judge nominations by lengthy lists of all accomplishments, organizations, and projects an individual has been involved in. What we are looking for are projects that specifically address women and girls equity issues. We are most interested in reading about the leadership roles that the nominees have played in such projects.

Use the digital form below or access a PDF format on our website..

Communications Update

It's a new year, and we have multiple ways to stay connected with each other!
  • Our updated website
  • The New Pine coming out monthly (September - May)
  • Facebook Page
  • An email message to all members (if needed)

We want to hear from you, so let us know what is happening at your branch.

To submit information for the we have created a form for you to complete. If you haven't completed an online form, there is a short instructional video on the form you may watch. Additionally, you may email me directly at Please include AAUW Minnesota in the subject line.