Stop The Judgement...

By Mya Wilder & Dayra Flores

Stop the Judgement

Within the program, a monthly homosexual speaker will visit a high school to share his or her experiences; the students will attend an assembly (In the first assembly an anti-bullying shirt will be given out). This program would also help students that are being bullied come to us for help. They can calls us or email us, if they have any problem in school or out of school.


To enhance the engagement in Stop the Judgement, a survey will be given out every two months. The survey will inquire students on the bullying rate in their school. To the school with the lowest rates, a party will be thrown, sponsored by Stop the Judgement.

The most successful outcome of Stop the Judgement would be noticing a difference in the bullying rate against homosexual and give homosexual students the power to speak.

LGBT High School Students Share Their Experiences