Sra. Pizzuto Spanish Newsletter

January 4-January 18th, 2016 vol.7

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!

Dear parents/guardians,

Happy new year! I wish you much happiness, health and prosperity.

In this issue you will find extra activities, exercises to reinforce grammar and verbal activities, in addition to updates and alerts.

Yours in education,

Sra. Pizzuto

Marking Period 2 is over

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 7pm

70 Quincy Road


Important- 6th grade band/orchestra/violin students

Dear 6th grade students!

Please make sure that if you are absent due to band, orchestra, choir, violin lesson, you go on Sra. Pizzuto's website and complete the lesson you missed- on your own. I put up full descriptions with materials on my website.

If you still have questions, cme see me 5th period in room 113.


Sra. Pizzuto


Speak/write about the below painting, in Spanish (6th grade)

Big image

8th grade

Big image
  1. ?Que es….? ___________

  2. ?Cómo vas a llegar?____________ llegar=arrive, to get somewhere

  3. ?Que actividades es posible hacer?_____________________

  4. ?Que tipo de cosas puedes hacer?_________________

  5. ?Cuanto cuesta?______________ ?Cual es el precio?

6th grade IPA - "Vamos al museo" unit

What do I need to know for my IPA?

First week of February: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (3,4 and 5th of February)

Essential Spanish questions:

¿De dónde eres tú?

¿Dónde estás tú?

Que hay en la foto?

Que tiene la foto?

La foto tiene...

En el cuadro hay...

Grammar points:

The verb "to have" -tener

the verb "to be"-ser

There is/are -hay

se abre/se cierra

me gusta/no me gusta

location words (to the left, to the right, in front, etc.)

Vocabulary -related to describing art and its styles, museums, stating your opinion, making inferences about things you see in art pieces (what month, season, day, emotions, etc). Words for "beautiful, strange, creative, etc.)


6th grade students should be able to

1) thoughtfully describe a work of art

2) speak thoughtfully and creatively about the work of art

3) interpret an authentic paragraph/video extracting the main idea and answering questions.

Big image

8th grade IPA - January 20, 21, 22


At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

1) produce a creative essay on a topic related to Madrid

2) interpret an authentic video/picture/paragraph and extract meaningful information.

3) look at the map of Madrid and have an unrehearsed conversation with their peers about making plans in Madrid.

Chistes de animales :)