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Math-Ms. McGehee

This week in math we will be taking a quiz on identifying proportional relationships. Students have completed many notes and done practice to help them prepare for this quiz. All of the information they need to study is in their math binder.

Some parents have asked how they can help their students with homework. In Schoology, I have a folder in their math class called "Homework Help." Within that folder I have two folders. One folder has videos that explain more about what we did in class. The other folder has homework tips. I have screenshots below of where the students can find this help.

We will also be starting Topic B this week. I have attached the parent support documents for this topic below. This topic covers writing equations for proportional relationships and using equations to find missing values.

Finding Homework Help for Math

Parent Tips for Math

Language Arts - Mrs. Martin

We have just finished reading chapters 1-3 of The Outsiders and taken our first assessment. So far students should know all about the exposition of the novel which includes the characters, setting, and basic conflict (try to have a discussion with them about it!).

It is also time for us to move away from the read aloud model and move into more student accountability for understanding the material. Next week students will begin working in groups to read, complete comprehension questions, and analyze the literature. This increase in student accountability for understanding will require higher level thinking, and should lead to some great discussions about the novel, and the world beyond the reading.

Upcoming assignments:

Chapters 4-7 Vocabulary (students will add to their vocabulary PowerPoint in Schoology)

Chapters 4-7 Bookmark (students will work through the sections on the bookmark to help them deepen their understanding)

Chapters 4-7 Assessment (students will demonstrate their understanding of the reading, and apply it to the unit essential questions: How do we overcome prejudices? How do particular elements of a story interact to convey bias and stereotypes among characters?)

**Students will visit the library every other Monday (schedule permitting) throughout the year. Please help them remember to bring books to return, and to check out books for their own personal reading. Reading 20 minutes a night has been shown to increase students' reading ability. :)

Social Studies- Mr. Beles

In World Geography, we are officially starting our section on different governments this week, and before the week’s end, we will also begin discussing different economies around the world. We will have a variety of hands on activities this week especially, including some where students compare, contrast, and even create their own governments and economies.

From this point forward, we are also on track to have at least one project, quiz, or test that goes into the 80% category in the grade book. The grades for the first two should be recorded very soon. I am looking forward to seeing more great work from all of our classes!


In science, we started learning how to graph birth and death rates of populations as well as figuring out population density in an area. Students were able to hypothesize what may have affected the population changes over the years. We will be looking at limiting factors and carrying capacity of populations.

Students received their quizzes from last week and if your student needs a redo, i will be explaining tomorrow how to complete those. There will be a quiz over Ch 1.2 on Thursday. It will require graphing skills and they will have to find the population density of a population using the formula:

population density = number of individuals/area

They may also have to find area: Length x Width = units squared

We will be reviewing on Wednesday. If you have questions, please let me know. Have a great week.