Technology @ High Point, vol. 11

Tech for teaching and learning in our new space

Fill Your Toolbox!

Well-implemented technology gives classroom staff loads of tools for teaching students with a broad range of learning styles. The time investment in learning new technology will make teaching easier and assist students in advocating for their life-long learning. This newsletter PD is intended to help you learn new technologies at High Point a little bit at a time, slowly filling up your teaching toolbox throughout this chaotic school year.

This Week's Tech Feature:

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The iTalk4 speech device is a four button speech output device. Students press one of the 4 switches to hear a pre-recorded message or sound. There are 3 levels of recordings, so when the level is changed, students have access to 4 different recordings. Each button has a clear plastic cover so printed icons or words can easily be placed under it to identify the function of that button. Each button can also be connected to a switch-controlled device to activate when the button is pressed or an alternative button can be plugged into this jack to play the recording.

Who is it for?

  • The large buttons are easy for student with fine motor difficulties to use.
  • The bright colored buttons are easy to see.
  • The iTalk4 can give specific communication options for simple activities around the classroom.
  • The iTalk4 is great for students just starting with using communication devices.

Setup Instructions

Here are the parts of the iTalk4:
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To record messages on the iTalk4:

  • Use the Level slider on top of the iTalk4 to choose the correct level.
  • Press and hold the record button on the back of the iTalk4 until the light appears.
  • Press and hold a big button on the front of the iTalk4. Start speaking after the beep into the microphone on the front of the device.
  • Repeat for each button on the device you want to record a message. Total record time for all buttons is 6 minutes.
  • Press and release the record button to stop recording.

This video below shows you how to record messages on the iTalk4.

Getting Started With The AbleNet iTalk4 Speech Device
Easily create icon circles using Ablenet's Symbol Overlay Maker app or LessonPix. Both of these programs have simple templates and pictures for creating these paper symbols to print. They can go under the plastic button covers to protect them from getting wet and ruined.

There are some pre-made paper circles with icons in the Assistive Technology lab at High Point that you can help yourself to. There are also circle punches you can borrow to punch out your own circles you have printed. Please, return them when you are finished.

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The iTalk4 uses 4 AA batteries. Turn off the device when not being used to preserve battery life.

This device can be wiped down with disinfecting wipes to clean.

Ideas for Using This Tech in the Classroom