3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending April 8, 2016

A Note from Mrs. Adams

It's been another fantastic week! Thank you to the chaperones who helped out at Greenfield Hall! We enjoyed our trip and the rain held out, so that was good!

Just a few reminders:

On my eboard is a PARCC link. This is a good practice test to see the types of questions, as well as a good review of how to navigate through the tools. We've been practicing in the computer lab so they're familiar with the layout of the test, but any extra practice on their own time doesn't hurt!

If you have any magazines to donate after you finish reading them, we can always use them to cut out pictures for different projects we use throughout the year.

We're running low on goodies in our treasure box. If you spot any cheap "chachkies" or treasures when you're shopping, we could use them! They love the treasure box!!

April 17 from 2:00 - 4:00 - Haddonfield history children's book written by HMS middle school students - Release party held at the Haddonfield Friends Meeting House

April 14 School Store

April 22 Student Profiles Due

April 19-27 and 29th PARCC Testing

April 28 Take Your Child To Work Day

Greenfield Hall Field Trip

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by Liam, Harry, & Sam

Have you ever been to Greenfield Hall? Well we have and it's the best! We noticed that it wasn't a museum like we imagined, but it was a house. We learned about Haddonfield's history back then about 300 years ago. We learned that there were so many things that we don't have today. If we lived back then, it would be really cool! They did things so differently. If we went back in time, we would get really surprised. They did things that seem crazy to us, but they just didn't know any better. One thing we learned was that the oldest kid had to take a bath first, and the rest of the family bathed in the same water until the youngest child was done. Can you imagine taking a bath in someone's filth? Life was so different back then! It was a great trip and we learned so much.

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Reading: Dogzilla

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by Oliver, Sinjin, and Willy

This wee we read "Dogzilla". Warning: This book is rated EG for Extremely Goofy! It starts off in the city of Mousopolis and it was the city's First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off. The smell was so powerful that it went all the way to the volcano. Within the volcano was a mysterious sound. Then... Dogzilla erupted out of the volcano! He saw the army of mice coming and breathed on them. All the army ran away (because he had such dog breath!) Dogzilla did everything a real dog does like chases cars, chews things up, and buries bones. Meanwhile, the mice had an emergency meeting. When the meeting ended, they gave Dogzilla a bath. She ran away because she didn't like the bath! And at the end, she has puppies and came back to Mousopolis!

The Pot of Gold

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by Rebecca, Chloe, and Lilly

Have you ever read The Pot of Gold? Well, we have! The Pot of Gold is about a leprechaun named Lucky. Lucky had to find 10 four leaf clovers to receive his own pot of gold. Lucky looked everywhere and found all the clovers and received a pot of gold at the end.

What to hear something awesome? Surprisingly guess who wrote this book? Our teacher's sister!!! Mrs. Adams' last name used to be "Hopp" and the author is Lisa Hopp, so if you see The Pot of Gold by Lisa Hopp, you'll know it's Mrs. Adams' sister! You might find it at the children's library!

(Sidebar... the book was written in 1997 and out of publication, so it's not easy to find and isn't at libraries or book stores) :(

Lenape Indians with QR codes

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by Ryka & Allie

This week in 3A we continued learned about Lenape Indians in Social Studies. We watched videos about different things the Lenape did. The categories were gathering, cooking, hunting, fishing, medicine, and transportation. As we watched the videos, we wrote notes about what we thought were important and interesting. ​Then we had to present our notes in front of the class. They wrote it down on their note sheet, since we were in charge of our own group topic. 3A had a fun time learning about these prehistoric facts about different activities the Lenape did.

Math Fun!

We learned about polygons and quadrilaterals. Check out a video of one of our favorite songs. (Although, they all really liked "I'm just a boring square" video!)
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3A Polygons
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Seat Sack Delivery

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Thank you for the donations to DonorsChoose.org for the seat sacks! They're a HIT!!! They kids were beyond excited to receive a seat sack and organize themselves! It's amazing how well they've worked so far... no lost papers, no messy desks! They're GREAT!

Mr. Bissinger Reads to 3A

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