2022-2023 Future Cheyenne Mustangs

Information for Incoming Cheyenne MS 6th Graders

Welcome to Cheyenne!

Hello Future Mustangs! We are so excited to begin our journey with you. This newsletter has information that will help you prepare for your transition to middle school. We will be able to provide additional videos and details about Cheyenne through this format.

We look forward to a spring tour of our school. Tours are during the school day. Students participate in a concert as well as a tour of the 6th grade area and other frequented areas of the building.

Michelle Grinsteiner- Principal michelle.grinsteiner@edmondschools.net

Dana Black - Counselor dana.black@edmondschools.net

Please be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this newsletter. The enrollment form is linked there.

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Welcome Video

Welcome to Cheyenne 6th Graders


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6th Grade Electives

Music Information

Band and Orchestra

Dear Parents:

As an incoming 6th grader, your child finally has the opportunity to do what so many successful students have done before them, Be Part of the Music!

We know that for many of you, this might be your first exposure to instrumental music education and we wanted to take a brief minute to share some information with you.

Attached to this letter is information regarding our program and our Instrument Fitting Night on March 24, 5:00-7:00 PM at the Edmond North Freshman Academy. This is a time where you and your child can explore the different instruments and get help choosing the instrument that will give them the best chance of success. If you are unable to attend, you can contact us for further help or visit the instrument demonstration pages at Beapartofthemusic-CheyenneMS under instruments.

Music education is more than just playing an instrument. It is immersing your child in a culture of successful students and teachers who care about education. It challenges each child to use the creative side of their brain while, at the same time, learning a foreign language…MUSIC.

All of the current data clearly states that students involved in music education academically outperform their non-musical counterparts. But, more importantly, studies are showing that music students are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drugs and alcohol.

Every destination starts with a decision to embark on a journey. Now is the time to start your child in music and Cheyenne Middle School is the place to do it. We can’t promise that every child will be a musical prodigy, but we can promise they will learn, laugh, and grow along the way.

Please see the next page for some Frequently Asked Questions about instrumental music at Cheyenne. Should you have any further questions about instrumental music or your child’s participation, please feel free to contact us using the information listed below.


JoeLee Mills, Band Director

(405) 726-5729


Jeff Ketch, Orchestra Director

(405) 726-729-5739


FAQ of Band and Orchestra

What if I am not sure if I want my child to do music?

Remember when your children wouldn’t eat the food you made for them? You always said, “Try it before you decide you don’t like it.” Music is the same way. Your child should sign up for band or orchestra even if you or they are unsure. If at the end of the 6th-grade year your child decides that music is not for them, they can choose another class for 7th grade. Students can only join band or orchestra in 6th grade, so give it a shot!

What if I don’t know anything about music?

That’s okay! We will teach your child everything they need to know, step by step. From how to assemble and care for the instrument to reading notes and rhythms, we will guide your child through the process. All that is needed from you is an enthusiastic attitude and patient ears when your child comes home and makes their first sound.

How much out-of-school time is required?

Like any new skill, learning to play an instrument takes patience and consistent practice outside of music class. We ask that your child spend some time with their instrument each and every day. Think of it as musical homework, but much more fun.

What instrument should my child play?

The answer depends on a variety of things, but in the end, it is most important that they play something that they enjoy. We encourage you to visit the websites listed at the top of this page, watch the different instrument videos with your child, and discuss the different options. On March 24, from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Edmond North Freshman Academy, we will help guide your child based on his/her musical interests, physical make-up, and instrument availability. Your child knows what they want, you know your child, and we know music. Together we will find the instrument that they will not only enjoy but will give them the best chance of musical success.

What are the costs?

The costs associated with music depend on which instrument your child chooses and if you already own an instrument. We wish funds were available for us to provide every child with an instrument; however, this is simply not possible. You can rent a quality instrument from a local music store at a very reasonable price. If financial constraints prevent you from being able to do this, please contact us and allow us to help. We will not let instrument availability or financial constraints keep your child from participating.

How do I obtain an instrument?

First of all, you do not have to obtain an instrument until after school has begun. In the fall, local music stores will hold instrument rental nights to make this process as easy as possible. If you have further questions about obtaining an instrument, or you want advice on a pre-owned instrument, please contact us so that we may help you find a high quality instrument for your child.

What if I have other questions?

Please know that we are here to answer any and all questions that you may have. The best way for you to reach us is by email. This will allow us to respond to your question, whether you are available by phone or not. If you would like to know more about the individual instruments or music in general, visit the links listed at the top of this page.

Enrollment Form

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Be a Part of Cheyenne PTO!

Hello Future Families!

We Need You!

Please email us if you are interested in serving on the board or volunteering for one of our committees. cheyennemspto@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting and working with you!


Cheyenne PTO

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Dates to Remember (event days and times are subject to change)

March - Enrollment Google Form Completed by each 5th Grade Family

May 3 Complete 22-23 Annual Update Online in Parent Portal

The Annual Update must be completed online through Parent Portal to have a schedule for early release dates.

May 20 - Last Day of School-

Late July- Early Utility Check- details and instructions regarding July or August utility bills will be emailed, utility bills will be submitted electronically.

August 3 - First evening of Digital Schedule Release through email

*Parents/Guardians must provide a current utility bill (July or August only) during Utility Bill Collection(more details to come). The school will accept a current gas or electric bill electronically. The bill must indicate the service address as well as the name of the Parent/Guardian. Students will NOT have his/her schedule released without a current utility bill being provided.

*ALL changes to student information, except address, must be made by you on the Parent Portal. If you have moved, you must let the registrar know and show the required residency documentation.

August 4- Mustang Round-Up and Parent Meeting in the evening- TBD

August 6- Tour Your Schedule 8-11am

August 9- Tour Your Schedule 4-7pm

August 11 - First Day of School

October 6 & 11 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:30-8pm

February 23 - Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

District Testing Information for Advancement

For details regarding testing see the School District Webpage- https://edmondschools.net/parents-students/testing/

Testing Dates and Deadlines

2022 Proficiency Testing Dates and Deadlines

  • May 24, 25, and 27
  • July 25-27

2022 Testing Applications:

Applications are currently closed but will be available on April 1, 2022

Please contact Kristi Kargl (405-340-2268) for additional information.