World Studies



I'll be going through the data input and comments this week and we'll be sending anything that need changing, which needs to be done ASAP.

Rebecca's GCSE Tips

In Geography this year, we have been linking phase 2 lessons as much as possible to the GCSE standard. For example in Year 7, we have been covering a number of geographical skills this term. So in a lesson I taught this week, we looked at map and photo pairing and map annotation. At each stage of the lesson, I referred to the GCSE standard and even referred some students to a GCSE question as a super challenge.

Thank you!

What a term it's been. I'm so proud of what we've achieved as World Studies and I know that we continue to improve. We've made exceptional progress in our marking and feedback and have had a raft of good observations. That's all down to you! Thank you and have a restful Christmas.