Footprints For Learning Academy

Fundraising For Sports Equipment

We are excited to announce our first fundraising campaign! We decided to go with Coco Brooks Pizza as they have the largest return, will do all the sorting for us and are DELICIOUS.
All funds raised will be going towards the purchase of sports equipment for our school.

* Please Note...Gluten Free Pizza is also available.

Thank You For Your Support


Starts: February 25, 2013
Ends: March 25, 2013
Order Forms: Available at the school or provided attachment
Payment Options: Cash or Cheque (Cheque can be made out to the school)
Pick Up Orders: April 13 from 11am-1pm ONLY. Pizza must be picked up during this time.

Coco Brooks

Whether you are fundraising for a school, non-profit organization, charity, sports program or community group, we can make your fundraiser a success. This program was designed as a unique way to make your fundraising campaign profitable and simple.

At Coco Brooks we create premium quality individual pizzas, each individually packaged with reheating instructions, ingredients, and best before date.

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