Shelby Sanders

Float on- modest mouse

This song is is saying everything is gunna be ok things happen and you gotta keep looking ahead, stay positive we will be ok we will float on. This doesn't so much describe me but it is something i feel strongly about. No matter what happens in life you have to stay positive. The world will not end you will be ok, just relax and enjoy life. We will all float on alright.

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Ocean drawing

This picture can represent me because i drew it so it shows i am artistic. This picture is different than most picture of the ocean which i like. It shows 2 sides which could mean the 2 sides of me one side ever one sees and the other that only my friends see. I also just love the ocean and the beach and anything like that i just think they are really pretty and calming.

Cheerleaders are athletes

This article states that cheer is a sport, a hard sport that not every one can do. I get extremely mad when people say cheerleading is not a sport. I am a competitive cheerleader and although school cheer is super easy most people don't see the competitive side. I am an athlete and i love cheer, people can say what they want but the SPORT i play is amazing.

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