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Husky Highlights: Monday, March 30, 2020

Hello KMS Families!

Hoping all of you had a great first week of virtual learning! We are all learning together on what is the best systems for all of our classrooms.

Student Attendance:

  • DAILY: It is CRUCIAL that your child submits their attendance first thing -by 9AM so they can also then get right to their first class (and then not forget to do it later). If they do not check in they will be marked absent.
  • Going to be ABSENT? If your student is going to be absent, please call the Attendance office: 245-2010 ext 1

Also, please check your contact information in Aspen, phone number and email address, please email either or if you need that information updated.

We are available to answer any questions that may arise during this time, please feel free to email us!

Thank you,

Your KMS Administration & Support Staff Team

Dr. Rosemary Burns | Grade 8 Administrator ~

Mr. David Patota | Grade 7 Administrator ~

Mrs. Michelle Clifford | Grade 6 Administrator ~

Mr. Frank DeVall Jr. | Dean of Students

Mrs. Tammy Borges | Principal's Secretary ~

Mrs. Donna Cruz | Attendance Secretary ~

Ms. Melissa Benevides | Front Office Secretary ~

Mrs. Bethanie Maduro-Antonio | Guidance Secretary ~

Message from Dr. Burns!

Greetings KMS Students and Families,

During Week 1, administrators have met virtually with every teacher to find out how they are doing personally, if they have any school related needs, and to learn about their successes. They reported how thrilled they are to connect with their students, and that student attendance is very good! Teachers are using a variety of tools to make learning easier and better. They have learned much about these tools, and will continue to work on perfecting how they are used. They and I want to let you all know how much we appreciate families’ monitoring their students’ daily progress. Families that know what teachers are expecting from students are best able to support a healthy routine of learning. Additionally, a gentle reminder, we appreciate everyone submitting their attendance form each morning before 9:45am.

Please let us know how your first week of virtual learning is going. We would like students with their families to respond to our survey together by Monday evening at 7. Please click here:

Week 2

Schedule Updates - slight changes regarding Special Subjects only.

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If a student is not scheduled to take a particular “specials” course, such as STEM or Library, they are able to work on other classes, take a break, or even clean their rooms.

We hope all are faring well and taking all precautions to maintain proper social distancing. We want to thank you all for the enormous efforts you are making to promote learning. Please email your teachers if you have questions or concerns about your school work.

Be safe and be well. And as always, contact me with any questions or concerns.

Be safe, be well


Rosemary (Dr. Burns)

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Positive Vibes Only ~ From our KMS Families!

From the Ingram Family!

"This week has gone really well. All of the teachers have provided organized, easy to follow, yet still rigorous lessons! Hunter was engaged and motivated to do his work! The teachers have been great at being easily accessible and offering their support!"

From the Domina family!

"It’s going well so far. We are impressed with the schedule, assignments & the teachers virtual online classes. Luke misses interacting with his teachers & classmates, but he seems to be embracing distant learning just fine! "

From the Casiano family!

"During wellness class, I promised my son I'd do every exercise he did. We found out together that neither of us can do a pushup. #FamilyBonding #WorkingOnIt!"

From the Sumner Family!

"Very well put together my son Cayden said it wasn't a lot of work but just enough to keep him learning.... oh and the dog too....."

From the Castriotta Family!

"Smooth sailing over here. TJ got right to work and knew what he had to do. His teachers have been very informative and communicate very well what needs to be done. He is also loving his 30 minutes of PE class playing basketball in the driveway. Thank you for all you do!!"

From the Fernandes Family!

"Four pawed study assistance"

From the Paquette Family!

"Kudos to the Bristol Warren school department. With little time to plan and many challenges to face, they pulled together a curriculum that kept my boys engaged for a good part of the day. As challenging as this time is, I’m grateful that their routine and learning pattern has been maintained to the best of it ability. Photos attached of their new “classrooms”."

From the Mowrey Family!

"We've got this! It feels like a month has gone by. This new way of teaching and learning is not for sissy's! Bring It On! Stay strong!"

From the Wilcox Family!

Hard at Work!

From the Bagg Family!

"I am so grateful for everyone at KMS for their hard work to make this transition smooth and meaningful. My son is on the Transformers team and all of his teachers have put a tremendous amount of effort into designing their lessons and providing feedback. Thank you all so much for some stability in this uncertain time. "

From the Gauthier Family!

From the Raducha Family!

" Hello! My daughters, who are in 7th and 8th grades, have the best teachers in the world! I can't say enough about how interesting, appropriately-challenging, and comprehensive the remote learning has been for them. All of the teachers have expressed how much they miss their students and give lovely, positive feedback as well. I thank Purple Lightening and Trailblazers from the bottom of my heart and my family appreciates all of their hard work and dedication. We're looking forward to another successful week (and REALLY looking forward to getting back to normal :)"

From the Bouchard Family!

"PE has been fun!"

From the Carpenter Family!

"Creative PE!"

Nathan Carpenter

6th grade



"A positive thing for us is that the kids seem much happier doing virtual learning. They don't have to get up as early so they are getting more rest. They have a lot more free time and we have more family time. My daughter drew a positive message for all to see on the sidewalk."

From the Santerre Family!

Morning meeting with the HEROES team!


To the Dream Team "First - you guys are the freaking Dream Team. Lets just get that out there! Accomplishing everything you were asked to deliver with a weeks notice was nothing short of amazing. Then, to execute the plan as flawlessly as it appeared from our perspective is almost too much to ask. So thank you very much for all of your time and efforts. Some of the 2 Trillion should go to our teachers to recognize them for what they do every day.

That said, please continue to keep me posted with all of his assignments as he is now working about 15 feet away from my office. He loves that ! I throw a hackey sack at him whenever I think he is drifting ! He loves that ! Continue to challenge all of the students and hold them accountable to learn and to grow. Just like in Celeste's Novella from your LA assignment Mr. Swist...the heart knows when we learn and grow emotionally and spiritually.

This experience will drive such growth."

From the Reed Family!

From Parents to teachers this week!

Grade 6

"Thank you so much!! I appreciate all the work and support you are providing to not only the students but parents as well. Thanks again for understanding and relieving my child's anxiety."

"Thank you for all the hard work and effort you all are putting in."

Grade 8

"Thank you! Thea said 8th grade English class mirrors being in school as closely as humanly possible right now. She felt the expectations and workload were clear and manageable. We really appreciate that you are making the whole child the priority while still forging forward with the academics. It is noticed that you are going the extra mile."

"I sat with my son today for a bit while he watched Romeo and Juliet and I also had the pleasure of hearing your morning check-in with them. I just wanted to thank you and acknowledge the very heavy lift that was preparing for online learning and continuing to work to support it. You are a warm, kind comforting voice to your students during this time as well. I am so grateful for you. Thank you so very much for all you continue to do!"

Positive Vibes Only ~ From our wonderful KMS Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Krawczyk, STEM Teacher ~ "I am learning many new ways to engage my students even though we are not together. I have the time and flexibility in my schedule to work with the students who need the most help. Students are reaching out and asking for assistance and I am more engaged with parents."

Mrs. Wirth, STEM Teacher ~ "Great to be back with the students and everyone. Routines and habits are important!"

Mrs. Cardente, Phoenix Team ~ "Having 100% attendance in my homeroom this week was awesome!"

Mr. Leger, Purple Lightning ~ "One positive thing for me is that because of this situation, it is forcing me to learn technology that otherwise I probably wouldn't have."

Mrs. Cabral, Trail Blazers ~ "Day one felt like I was juggling 89 objects at once! But, on this final day of week one, I have had amazing video discussions about the emerging themes in Romeo and Juliet. My students have been diligently working on all assignments and responding to my feedback by revising when necessary. In addition, students who have a very difficult time attending regularly and remaining focused have found great success with this style of learning. I miss my students. I am grateful for the technology provided by BWRSD that allows me to connect with my central admin, KMS leaders, my outstanding team of educators including our TA and special educator, and my wonderful students!"

Important Info from Nurse Welchman | Talking to Children about COVID-19

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