Goldfields: women and children

By Adnan


Mums couldn't teach their kids because they don't know how to speak English. The parents moved alot and changed schools because they were looking for richer goldfields. Mums and dads moved around alot and at the end of the day, they layed down and relaxed. Some people like journalists wrote their lifes then they would share it to the chidren in schools or at home. Schoolhouses started to the tents, then to wooden huts. Their mothers paid a fee to send their kids to school but some stayed with their mothers at home to know their mothers a bit more or do work.


People on the goldfields had a strenuous life and many died.Doctors and many health care services weren't qualified. There were deaseses for example diaherra. The water caused the critical health also the baths that they had caused it too. It was a emotional life for the people on the gold fields.



Women usually spent their life as diggers, shopkeepers or normal mothers. Parents were really fortuneless on the richest goldfields. However, there were more men than women and it was a hard life . Women were like babysitters to their families. Victorian morality means women weren't represented more than men in the history book