* Trich *




Having unprotected sex i.e; ( Anal, Vaginal, or Oral )


Trichomoniasis can have no symptoms, but people may experience:

  • Pain areas in the abdomen
  • Pain circumstances can occur during sexual intercourse or during urination.
  • Groin cervix inflammation, vaginal discharge, vaginal inflammation, irritation itching odor, vulvar inflammation.

How Common is the STI ?

Trich is the most common of the sexually transmitted infections

Complications the STI can cause??

Causes a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching, and painful urination in women. Men typically have no symptoms. Complications include a risk of premature delivery for pregnant women.

Treatment Options

Both partners taking one large dose of a certain oral antibiotic.

Diagnosis Method?

a doctor must perform a physical exam and lab test. Lab tests are performed on a sample of vaginal fluid or urethral fluid to look for the disease-causing parasite. The parasite is harder to detect in men than in women.