Alumni News & Message to Students

Spring/Summer 2021 Edition

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Shout Out to Our Alumni! We Are Proud of You!

BCS is proud to celebrate 20 years as a school and to recognize our twelfth year of graduating classes!

We caught up with some of our alumni to see how they are doing.

We congratulate all of our alumni on their achievements and for giving their time, talent, and passion to pursuing careers goals, maintaining healthy family relationships, continuing their education, deepening civic engagement, sharing their wisdom with youth.

Read about their experiences since high school and the warm messages they have shared with BCS students.


Kira Charles: When I graduated from BCS 12 years ago, I had every intention of becoming a biomedical engineer. I even started my college journey in Boston University’s engineering program. It was evident that wasn’t for me, so I began working full-time for the next 10 years. I disliked the place I was working.

I knew I could be doing something more with my life, so I took the steps to move toward a career in lawyering. Within 5 years of that decision, I almost have my bachelors and I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities. Sometimes your college experience isn’t traditional, and it takes a little while to determine what your purpose is. That is MOREEE than OK.

It is ok to change your mind and try something different. No matter where life takes you, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Trust in yourself and all the skills you’ve accumulated in life. OHHH, and don’t forget to ask for help! Building friendships, nurturing relationships and networking are important in all aspects of your life, including self care, mental health, educational and professional opportunities.

Nitisha Fairley: "Don't let your dreams die". Know that you are the energy source keeping your dreams alive. Don't stop and keep going no matter how long it takes.


Kassandra Fuentes: No matter how tough life gets, no matter how up and down things may get like a roller coaster ride, keep fighting and never lose sight of your vision. We all have a purpose and a gift. It’s totally alright to not discover that right away. But while you're here, make it count!! Expand your horizons and just know you're in charge of your success and happiness. Grow with the flow and love yourself abundantly in the process.

Melanie Bostic: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no question is a stupid. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help, there’s lots of resources out there, so use them. Dance to your own beat, take a moment sometime and capture a memories. Tomorrow isn’t promised so today is when you make mistakes, take a risk, push yourself. Your only regret in life is you shouldn’t have passed on that scoop of ice cream.

Marissa Phoenix: Keep going. Even the most exceptional planners will face unforeseen challenges. Still, you’ll overcome. You’ll learn, adapt, and realize there are opportunities for growth in every state you find yourself in.


Ben Randazzo: One of the most important lessons I’ve learned since high school is to practice self care and that in order to help others, you need to help yourself first, physically, mentally and emotionally!

Jack Mercardo: Regardless of what obstacles you may face in pursuing your dreams, there are always other opportunities that can change those dreams and direction in life. Don’t be discouraged! Just because plan A didn’t work, that doesn’t mean plan B or C is going to result in failure.


Joel Felix: My message would be to always keep going. No matter how hard things may seem at times, everything will fall into place.

Nicole Guzman: People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of (Alchemist by Paulo Coelho). This book has taught me to hold fast to my dreams and never take no as an answer. No matter how old, young, poor or rich you are if you set your heart on something you will and can achieve it. Throughout your life you will come across many obstacles that may stand in your way, be grateful and appreciative of these experiences. For they will shape and mold you into the person the world needs you to be.


Jovani Hernandez: Your hardest challenges will motivate you to become your best. Work through the stormy times; the Sun will shine.

Nirmeen Shumman: Find happiness in everything.


Jaselle Kazmierski: Get your work done on time and network with everyone. Meet new people and see what they can bring to your table and vise versa.

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