Who I Kissed

By: Janet Gurtler

Book Review by Sara Burgess

Sam, the main character, just wanted a night to spend with her friends at a party instead of in the pool training. This training is so she can break a new national record. At the party Sam is at, she kisses Alex to make Zee jealous. She's not the type to go kissing boys she barely knows and she's not the type to party hard. But that night was different. Because on that night, the boy she kisses at a party dies.

Everyone thinks it's Sam's fault for his death because he has an asthma attack and a peanut allergy. Before she kissed him, she had eaten a peanut butter sandwich and didn't know he was allergic to peanuts. In one night she practically had the whole nation blaming her for the sudden death of Alex. He was a baseball player who enjoyed collecting Hot Wheels. Since everything in her life is going down hill; missing her mom, having the crush on Zee, and trying to bring her grades up, she is unable to forgive herself.

Sam isn't the only one who lives a stressful life and struggles trying to forgive herself after hard situations. I recommend this book to teenagers because it relates to many of them now in days. Teens go through very hard times during high school wither it's family, friends, or school. This book is a drama and can be interesting to people that enjoy shocking dramas with in the book. This book includes very good detailing with characters and hooks the reader instantly.

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